Saturday, August 6, 2016

Santa Orka 3 - The return of the son of the son of Santa Orka

Hi All,

I've been busy trying to get myself back into the swing of things. I was going to do a Paint Table Saturday post, but decided you didn't really need another picture of a messy desk with the same models on it an a bunch of excuses.

So instead I decided to finish up this battle report that I was trying to put out yesterday.

This game was played at Brian's Birthday Bash, after our fantasy battle and lasted until about 2am. We started out with about 6 players and had only two standing at the end. My dice rolling was epically bad. I didn't capture it in the photos, unfortunately, but a Psyker exploding in the very first psychic phase and a hop splat gun bouncing down the line on a squad who had made it on top of the wall were some of the highlights not mentioned.

So pop open a beverage of choice and enjoy (you can right click and open in new tab/window to see them in full bigness).

And on page nine I added some muzzle flashes and an explosion. Let me know what you think. I need to figure out a way to add more effects, but I just wanted to get this one out.

I used a template from Comic Life Three this time. I thought the three panel layout would still work along the lines of the House of Hengist style.

Hopefully more painting progress to report soon.


  1. Great report, just love the presentation.

    1. Thanks Michael. I'm starting to like it as well.

  2. Well done old bean...looking better and better...keep it up and then think about a series

    1. Thanks HoH. Most of my battles seem to be one offs. If I had a series I guess it would be over at Talomir Tales.



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