Saturday, August 20, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 146 - Boar Boyz and Inks.

Hi All,

Slowly coming out of the lack of mojo. I got this dude finished the other day.


And Back

These guys have taken me embarrassingly long to work on.

This guy got the mid tone Orc flesh and his shield primed gray. I hope to finish him today. That'll be 4 out of the 10 done.

I bought these inks last weekend and intend to use them on the Tzeentch force I'm painting up.

We brings me to the project list. :(

Finish up Boar Boyz for Don.

Paint 250pts of Chaos for August. I'm already behind on the last two months. In fact I made a chart.

June July August September October November Total
Projected 250 250 250 250 250 250 1500
Actual 187 200

Variance -63 -50 -250 -250 -250 -250 -1113

Lord of Change 700pts

Herald on Flaming Chariot 296pts

Centaurs 125pts

Beastmen 150pts

Chaos Warriors 187pts

Beastman Chariot 86pts

As you can see I took a mulligan for July. A lot of wok to do on this. I'm probably going to do the Greater Demon to catch up on points. We'll see.

Paint those Gretchin I owe Dave B. from the Sci Fi side duel.

Paint the Milkmaids for Curt's entry fee for last years challenge.

Paint any other random figures for Oldhammer Day (Weekend). So round out the Orcs, Blood Bowl team, Man O'War fleet, etc.

I better get cracking.


  1. Looking good. Hoping I get to face him in a few weeks. ;)

    1. Hi Airborne, thanks. That depends on if Don comes down. These are his. Although if I win that lot of Orcs I bid on I may have several of the same figures.

  2. Good to see the mojo returning Sean. I like what you've done with the shield, making the boss the centre of the eye.

    1. Thanks Millsy, gotta have some eyes on Orc shields. I wish my hand was a tad steadier.

    2. looking good. Glad to see that I'm not the only one making lists of things to do. :)

    3. Thanks AB. I make lists and then ignore them. Hopefully this one will help me focus.

  3. Lookin good. Those boar boyz are dead 'ard in 3rd ed, a unit of 10 will look great once they're done.
    Enjoy grinding stunties into the ground under a layer of pig crap!

    1. Thanks 24-cigs. I wish they were mine, they're for someone else. I've got five in the wings somewhere. I tried to win a big lot with 10 Boar boyz in it but lost out.

  4. Brilliant model, well done!

  5. Good stuff Sean. Those old orcs and boars were fun sculpts.

    1. Thanks Dai. Yeah I wish i had more of my own.

  6. Ah yeah, the pig heads!
    Have you used the inks yet? I have a number of liquitex mediums but haven't seen the inks. Are they acrylic base?

    1. Hi Joe, I haven't used those in the picture yet, but I've been using Liquitex and Daler Rowney in my ink washes for awhile now. Both are Acrylic inks. I believe I got the Daler Rowney awhile back at Hobby Lobby on clearance and the Liquitex I had bought there and at Michael's for these newest ones about a week ago. I hopw to be using all these crazy colors on some chaos soon.



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