Friday, August 26, 2016

Some Reaper miniatures I have painted

Hi All,

I posted a collection of figures I have painted over on the Facebook Reaper Miniatures group, but somebody posted more of their own figures to my album. So I am reposting them here and may delete the album from Facebook if I can't get the person or admins to move them.

EDIT: I ended up deleting the album. Matt, one of the admins, was very helpful but couldn't remove or move them himself. I probably could have waited longer for the person to respond, but I felt that too many people were seeing the album and it sent, in my mind, the wrong message. So sorry for deleting the other persons photos, but I deleted mine as well to be fair. /EDIT

Krampus (50207), Sculpted by Jason Weibe

One of the Barrow Rats 02544, Sculpted by Jason Weibe

Bones Eldritch Demon 77113, Sculpted by Jason Weibe

Nymph from 02741, Sculpted by Werner Klocke. I failed on the skin on this one.

Dain Deepaxe 02811, Sculpted by Werner Klocke

Bertok the Barbarian 02924, Sculpted by Ben Siens. I used the Vampiric Flesh Triad on his skin.
So there you have it. We shall see if I can get anyone to respond. The persons figures are nicely painted, but they are not mine and I feel like they hijacked my folder.


  1. Some wonderfully examples Sean, but that Krampus is certainly a favourite.

    1. Thanks Michael and Millsy. For that one I think the sculpting is doing the heavy lifting, but I'm glad you like it.

  2. Eldritch Demon gets my vote. Love it when smaller Cthulhu-types are made for us to paint so we don't have to suffer the prospect of having to slap paints on to a massive monstrosity.

    1. Thanks Dai, I remember being particularly pleased with that one when I painted it. If I recall correctly it did not even get an honorable mention in the bonus round it was in. Of course there were lots of really good entries.