Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Photographing Miniatures Part 6 - More resources

I came across some more links and thought I should bring them to your attention. It's hard to believe that I last wrote on this subject all the way back in August of last year.

It all started with a link posted by a guy (I'm assuming a guy) named Garfy, over on the Oldhammer facebook group. He posted a link to his smart phone photography tutorial on Tale of Painters here. It is very straight forward and gives you some direction for things to use for taking better cellphone photos. Spoiler Alert: It is all similar stuff to what makes a good photo with any camera.

In this tutorial he also mentions an earlier one on DSLR photography here. Again this is stuff we have covered before, but it is concise and he makes a few good points. I would recommend reading it if you haven't read any intro photography stuff before, but even if you have he makes some good points. One thing that i came away with is that you should try to get your lights far enough away from your subject to help diminish the shadows. Something I'll have to play around with but may not have much ability to change, as I photo on a pretty cramped desk.

The other place I had found a good amount of information is from Henry Hyde in both "The Wargaming Compendium" and Miniature Wargames with Battlegames (361, 377, 378, and 379). So if you are like me and had this book but hadn't read it, or subscribe to the magazine but glossed over the info, go back and give these a read. What I liked about these guides is that he gives a lot of good common sense tips, including perhaps the most important, that it takes practice to get better at photography. Just like anything else. The other thing is that he goes into some thoughts about composition and light at shows and other such places where lighting is sub optimal and you may not have full control over your subject matter.

I will try to get this latest round to spur me forward and finish up my series. If you're having trouble finding them they are:

Part 1 - My Gear
Part 2 - Online Tutorials
Part 3 - Camera Comparison
Part 4 - Interlude
Part 5 - Backgrounds

As always, have fun with your hobby.

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