Monday, February 9, 2015

Plastic Army Men - Zombies

Hi All,

I meant to show these to you sooner, but got caught up in a very busy weekend. Here are the Survivors that I posted to the AHPCV last Friday.

These are the additional shots I took today as I was re-taking the shots of my "Hot" bonus round submission.

Four out of five available poses.
These pictures are slightly different from what I submitted to Curt. As I was retaking the "Hot" photos I wasn't liking how washed out the background was and some of the brighter colors were blowing out. So I tried dropping the Exposure Value to -1.0, I think they look better.

 I tried to emulate a Pabst Blue Ribbon logo trucker hat on Jethro. My free hand is pretty bad and this was my second attempt. To quote Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet, "Heineken! You like that shit? PABST BLUE RIBBON!"

Deputy Hogg
 Nothing to see here folks, I just went with a sheriff brown palette theme.

 Although his pose is a little weird, and he inexplicably has no shoes, I think Ax man here is my favorite. Perhaps a little too pristine for an ax wielder in the zombie apocalypse. Oh well.

Officer Figueroa
 I almost did urban camo on this SWAT officer but I just wanted to be done by the time I got around to it.

Zombies attack!
 You may remember the zombies from Zom(b)tober, I have eight more just like them waiting to be painted. Maybe this week.

Last Stand.

The End?
This last photo I changed the F value from 16 down to 8 to blur out the Survivors in the fore ground. The focal point is the zombie in the middle.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to welcome Marga to the blog. I'm not sure how Marga came to find my blog but they write an interesting blog, in Spanish, about Egypt here. Lots of art and reference material.

And before I forget, these figures probably are those ones from Amazon that I mentioned, the reviews say they are not the ones pictured. They appear to be made by EMCE Toys who also do 4" and 8" "dolls" or action men if you prefer. I found a blog article about them here. The main draw back to using these is the lack of poses, only five each.


  1. Great stuff Sean. Not sure if I fancy your survivors' chances or not though :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxkleric. I still need to set up a game with them and see what happens.

  2. Gotta love zombies. Your photos have them looking real good.

    1. Thanks SoY, the right photo can make figures look more appealing.

  3. All good stuff sir.

  4. The figures are obviously somewhat crude sculpts, but you've done an incredible job in painting them!

    1. Thanks Hugh, there are some wonky areas and I had to repaint a few because I couldn't understand what things were. I also tried to not get too complicated.



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