Friday, February 27, 2015

Update (with Death Metal Cat)

I've been struggling with updates this week. Just trying to prepare some tax documents and schedule volunteering and dentist visits for the family.

It's cut into the painting time and has generally made me cranky:

I did finish reading "To the Strongest" and am excited about getting in some games of that. You can read about the game at The Big Red Bat Cave or purchase them at his shop.

I have the seed of an idea for a play by blog, but I need to do some ground work to see if it is feasible.



  1. I hadn't throught you were doing that badly Sensai. I have struggled this month with all manner of work nonsense. Back on it for March, onwards and upwards!

    1. That's the spirit Stevo! Just throwing myself a pity party. I'll be back o the brushes soon. I also have another battle to fight for Talomir Tales.

  2. Yeah! Keep it coming Sean. In all honesty you have really helped me get into blogging which has become another limb to my wargaming hobby. I appreciate all the advice and support, you have (with Tom's help) made my blog much better.
    Now get your arse in gear and paint those Zombies I sent you!!!!

    1. Thanks Stephen. I have quite a backlog of stuff that I have won or been given through the blog. Time to assess that and get cracking.



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