Thursday, March 6, 2014

Late but here's Old Stuff Day, GM's day and 100K views

Well, I've been floundering around a bit with projects and let several things pass by that I wanted to touch on.

March 2nd was Old Stuff Day. I did this last year here, and think that this is a good thing to observe on your blog to try to breath life into those posts that need a little more love.

This year I want to draw attention to these posts:

Yet again I'll point your attention to Fabulous Maps of Greyhawk, not so much for the post itself but for the maps. Anna Meyer has done an incredible amount of work and her finished maps are quite stunning.

I have no idea how many view this one got, but Superhero SFX Tokens was a good bit of fun.

No one took up the call in Another Meme? Perhaps it was too silly.

And of course Fladnag the Beige.

March 4th was GM's day a sort of memorial to Gary Gygax and an excuse to break out your RPG stuff. I'm getting excited about the Kickstarter I joined for solo gaming, it's releasing fairly soon. It is The Covetous Poet's Adventure Creator and Solo GM Guidebook. Frank Lee's blog is here.

It also snuck up on me this week, but I've passed the 100K views. I will have a giveaway to mark this milestone, but I will have to put it off for a little bit so that I can complete a few things.

Lastly I just wanted to mention that the family will be travelling to London and Paris over our kids spring break. We'll be in London on the 22nd to 25th and Paris from the 26th to the 30th. So if anybody wants to get together drop me a comment or an email. I may not have time for a game, but SWMBO says I may be allowed some time for a pint or something when were not on the sight seeing thing.

I missed it, perhaps you didn't, but the battle report for Mirish versus the Abyss is up on Talomir Tales.

Watch this space.


  1. Good job on 100k views, a nice milestone :)

    1. Thanks Chico, the second 50K seemed to come faster.

  2. Congrats on the 100K mate. Well done.

  3. Congrats on the 100k views :)

  4. Well done! Now increase your posting frequency and you just might get some cake!

    1. Thanks Kasper. I do need to post a little more frequently and perhaps shorter posts that only have one topic instead of three or four.

  5. Great milestone, well done that man!

  6. Congratulations on the 100K! A fine effort and at this rate you will be hitting 200K before you know it.

    I am also eagerly awaiting the Covetous Poet's Stuff (hopefully this weekend) to force me to restart my Traveller solo game.

    1. Hi Shaun, thanks. Yes, I hope to be reading about your Traveller campaign again.



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