Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Analogue Painting Challenge, First Blood

Hi All,

I finally got something finished and entered into the Painting Challenge over at Analogue Hobbies.

Here is what I wrote for my entry:

"For my entry into this weeks themed challenge I give you the Ordine Posta Reiciendis. Brothers Postumus, Raimundus, Ricardus, Franciscus, Leopoldus Maximus, Sergius, Ioannes and Johannes. (Apologies to Dave and Smiffy, I only had 8 figures). The Bishop has been after them as they spend more time transcribing the Atque Ius Belli rather than the churches teachings.

These 8 1/72 (20mm) monks are from the Pegasus set 7051, California Mission Indians. I thought they would be useful for everything from Dark Ages, Fantasy to the Old West.

I chose to do them up as Franciscans because, to me, they are the most monkish looking. My main deviation from reality was the gold crosses. I just wanted to add a little more contrast to the figures.

The techniques used were very simple color blocking with highlights added to the robe folds, then washes applied. Time was my main enemy on these as I was simultaneously working on another unit, which I failed to finish. Strong language and a hair dryer were utilized as I worked down to the last minute before leaving for the airport. Had I more time I would have done a tad more highlighting and dry brushing. While I'm not totally happy, I am glad that I have another 8 figures to call done."

I'm sorry about the depth of field on these. As I mentioned I was perilously close to being left behind for our holiday trip and snapped these pictures just before putting on my coat. I had used the portrait setting on my camera, but realize now I should have used landscape. If I was doing atmospherics I would go with the macro (flower) setting. Someday I'll learn how to do it all manually.

The main wash I used was my homemade Burnt Umber on the robes. I think it worked pretty well but I see my coverage wasn't perfect. I used the Citadel Flesh wash on the skin and that caused the most salty language. I seem to have real difficulty applying that brand with a consistency that I like.

Hopefully Posties rejects will like what I've done. I figure it could earn me either a pint or a kick in the crackers should we ever meet face to face. I had some ideas about who was who but they got a tad randomized in my rush to photograph them.

With the theme bonus I earned a whopping 82 points towards my goal of 1000. It feels good to have the first entry in.


  1. Nice one Sean, love the figures and the Ode to the Rejects!!!!!
    I think you've earned your self both a pint and a kick in the crackers, your choice on what you'd like first!!!

    1. Thanks Ray. Maybe the Pint first and then the kick.

  2. Excellent work Sean, those robes are very slimming!

  3. Thanks Fran, perhaps they have the girdle of Saint Griselda in their possession.

  4. I like those monks : good painting work !
    I've the box and was thinking to paint the whole set.... I didn't notice that it contains 8 monks !!
    You're right: they could be useful for many periods, and we don't have so much monks in 1/72....

    1. Hi Sam, thanks. The monk figures are pretty nice, and you're right, there aren't so many in 1/72.

  5. I've missed this post (and many others I'm sure ... ) !
    I like those Monks that I've painted too (.... and the other figures of the set !) :
    usable for a lot of periods and subjects, I agree with you!

    Excellent work, of course !

  6. Hi Sam, these guys were from last year buy I appreciate your comment. That gives me an idea, maybe I can submit these for Stevo's competition.



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