Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Followers, Challenge progress and Holiday Games

Hi All,

I have forgotten to welcome some new followers to the blog, so today I'll start with that.

Welcome to:

1/72 Figures collect & paint from the blog Collect & Paint Figures 1:72 has some very nice Zvezda Russian Knights on the top post right now.

Millsy, I know I know you from somewhere but you don't have a link in your friend connect. So please let me know what your blog is and I'll post a link. Is from the blog Cannister & Grape and a fellow challenge member.

Legion games, ditto. I've seen your avatar around but can't recall your blog.

Challenge Progress:

It's all a blur. What is this day 4? I've been slogging through my feed reader, but can't seem to get closer than a day behind on reading. I am going ahead and reading Analogue Hobbies to try and stay up to date on the entries, but it's a bit of a distraction.

So what have I done? Well on Saturday, my last day to prep, I spent most of the day working on the holiday calendar I mentioned.

Some interesting travel plans in March.

It came out fine and I've already gotten it back form the printers but it killed my chances of prepping all my models for the challenge. I did, however, earn enough brownie points that I was allowed to paint most of the day Sunday. Since I was banned from San Soo by SWMBO I tried to put my time to good use. So 18 figures based, 8 also base coated.

Monday flesh om the 8 and metal on the 10 blocked in. Tuesday, fiddly bits on the 8 blocked in, I did something on the 10 but I can't remember. Also started cleaning up the Post Apocalypse themed minis. Had the usual inner dialog. "Is that flash or a weapon?" "Grow a pair and cut it!" (snip) "Aww crap it's a weapon!" (look at reference photos online) "Phew, it's not a weapon." "Cut off the other one you wuss!"

Wednesday (today), blocking in flesh on the 10 figures and finished clean up of the Post Apoc figures. I am realizing that I have to get it in gear to have these ready before I leave for Holiday on Friday night.

You may have noticed that  I did not give you pictures of my work in progress. I am trying to let Curt be the first to unveil these, so I don't want to spoil it. For these ones I also haven't been taking progress photos. (Maybe I should.)

We have also been allowed to open Eldritch Horror as an early Christmas present. So far it has been difficult. As usual a giant board and a ton of cards and pieces make it a little unwieldy. We are close to either being devoured by Azathoth or winning the game.

I've also got my brother tapped for our annual game play extraveganza. I'm going to bring Death Angel and ATZ-FFO and play with the City deck and Zombies game pieces. I'm also try to decide if I want to throw in Swordplay and some paper figures. I also have to pack figures and paints etc so I can keep up with the challenge. Man am I behind.

I almost forgot. My prize from Stefan of Monty's Caravan arrived on Monday. Woohoo, an early Christmas!


  1. Sean, we've bumped into one another in a few places I believe, not the least being Curt's painting challenge (this is my second time round). My blog is


    1. Thanks Millsy, got it. I am a follower of C & G but I was missing updates. That's now fixed. Good luck in the challenge.

  2. Good to here you've been busy, I'll look forward to you're first entry. I'm not going to be posting up pics either, not until they've been on Curt's blog anyway.

    1. makes the sandbagging easier :)
      I am not posting pictures of all I am painting (wink wink) but you did not hear that. Its only Sean's blog so no one will see my comment

      Great to see you have been busy Sean have a great holiday

      Peace James

    2. Thanks Ray, should be sent to Curt by Friday.

    3. Hi James, not much traffic here lately. I suppose I could take some blurry pictures of my 1000 point ninja army.

  3. Good luck on the challenge. Not easy to keep the hobby up in this Xmas fiever.

    1. Hi Cedric. The holiday season does test ones focus.

  4. (put on "the eye of the tiger")
    Just show 'em what you got !

    It's in tougher times the greatest victories are won, each drop of paint applied is a step towards glory you know. Add some games and Christmas feast and there you have your best month...

  5. Sounds like good progress so far on your figures. It'll be very rewarding when the first batch fall off the end of the production line and are finished, I think :-) .

    1. Thanks Hugh. It will be rewarding, I just need to make sure I don't mess up the timing and miss the first theme.

  6. You're very busy! I like the calendar ...
    but where are the figures for the Big Challenge ???

    1. Hi Sam, thanks. I'm hiding them right now because Curt wanted first rights to show them. I also mostly give pictures of half finished figures and I'm trying to break that habit.



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