Monday, November 7, 2011

Painted Zombies!!!

In a comment on my last post Dan had asked about what those zombies might look like painted up. I found some mixed in to the horde from this ATZ game.

You can see the male zombie clearly interspersed with the 28mm figs. I think they blend in pretty well at 28mm if a little spindly by comparison. Like I said, a tad large for 1/72 but would work in a pinch.

By the way that game looked like a lot of fun. I am totally on board with letting characters jump back in after getting killed. There is no end to the zombie horde, so why not let people keep on swinging away.


  1. Thanks for the picture, they seem to fit well with the 28mm figures. You figure since they are the walking dead they don't have alot of fat on them so they would be smaller.



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