Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspiration Pad Pro 2.0 name generators

As I mentioned in the last post, I have been working on a few name generator files in the Inspiration pad pro 2.0 .ipt format.

The coding is fairly simple, I'm still working on how to weight the table entries but it is not hard to get something workable.

I've loaded the first three here.

The one I finished first was the Mighty Empires Goblinoid and Skaven name generator. As an example the first five returned just now: Durthhog, Bul, Narburg, But, Ungol, Gogbref.

Not bad, pretty Orky. Obvioulsy you can pick and choose the best ones and leave out But etc.

Next was the Mighty Empires Empire Names:

Mundrew, Norman, Waldaltenmarkden, Gradrew, Brukoc

These tend to be a little weird. I think we took to making the long ones into surnames so Waldalten Markden. This sample seems to be more acceptable than the last one I ran. I like Brukoc, is that the beer drinkers analog to whiskey dick?

Lastly I completed the tria nomina (Roman three names) which I just copied from lists in wikipedia and then finagled into usable tables.

Marcus Vagnius Vatia, Manius Caerellius Regillus, Septimus Carius Grumio, Lars Aufidius Martyrius, Quintus Loreius Durus

Seem pretty good. I might weight it so that Lars comes up less, it may be too common an occurrence right now.

I hope you enjoy and are able to make some use of these. I intend to do more in the near future, most likely Age of Blood Norse and some derivatives.

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  1. A great idea!! love some of the names, Gogbref, makes me think of one of my pals, fellow blogger The Angry Lurker!



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