Sunday, November 13, 2011

Age Of Blood Fate Cards V.2

Just an update on the fate cards. Following Dan's suggestion, and my own leanings, I added the background to the face of all cards. I then also separated and emboldened the effects of the card from the introductory text.

I decided to leave the full, verbatim, text on all the cards for now. Let me know if it is too hard to read. The only editing I did was to fix my mistyping of some of the game conventions (ie Hand-to-Hand instead of hand to hand) and the spelling Valkaries to Valkyries. Otherwise I have left the non US spellings as is.

You can find the file here.

Still working on a cheat sheet and actually playing the game.


  1. I like the inprovements, well done!

    One question, what size will the 'cards' be when printed off. I had an idea of printing your cards onto adhesive sticker paper and then sticking them to a deck of cards to give them some good backing and durability.

  2. I replied by email and hoped it would be here as well, I guess not. The size is supposed to be standard poker size. So 3.5" by 2.5". The rules mention a metric sticky label size for adhering to playing cards, but I don't recall what that is right now. If you have a product in mind for use just let me know and I'll try to get a template and fit it in.

  3. Thanks Sean for the answer, but I never got an email.

    Anyways my deck of cards is standard size 3.5in x 2.5in or 88mm x 63mm.

    What program are you use to make the templates and cards? Your fate cards gave me an idea to make character cards for Age of Blood with the heroes/leaders stats on them to have on hand to help keep track of things during the game.

  4. Yes I'm trying to come up with a cheat sheet and a warband roster sheet, but have been stuck on how to proceed. Cards are a good idea. I am just using Open Office Writer to make a document with a 4 by 2 table. I adjusted the row height to 3.5". The background I made in GIMP with the awesome old paper script and I downloaded the fonts (Viking and Elder Futhark) from dafont, I think. The just export to PDF with fonts embedded and viola. So it's really just a question of knowing what the Avery or whomever label number you want to use and making sure the relevant text, etc fits that.



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