Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Kublacon 2018 - The Battle of Woodenstadt

Hi All,

This game was with the dapper Mr. Thomas Foss of Skull & Crown. As always a fun game and a feast for the eye with lots of colorful wooden toy soldiers. I really enjoyed the command rolls, except for when I failed them, and the system worked pretty well.

I went for a saturated look on the pictures again to pump up the riot of color. It's a longer comic, as I wanted to keep the table views of formations on the march.

Hope you like it.

(All the names and most of the scenario were explained by Thomas. My names and story are a sad recreation of whatever it was he actually told us.)

Thanks for looking.


  1. Very original. I like the dead models laying on the ground. Not something you typically see in many wargames

    1. Hi Anthony, yeah I like the casualty markers. It's like going over the battle field after a game of Total War on the computer, you can follow the action. We had so many we actually ran out of counters.

  2. Superbly presented narrative - eyecatching and engaging. I do like those wooden soldiers.



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