Monday, November 20, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 211 - Bretonnian Brigands

Hi All,

I know it's Monday, but I was busy with a roleplaying session and kind of in shock from some bad news I woke up to.

First the minis.

Did the base flesh while watching tv the other night and some base metal the other day on about half. I need to clean up my work space as I'm having trouble doing simple things because of all the clutter.

The bad news I woke up to was that Dr. Xiao Puquan, Master Xiao, had died. I used to train Taichi with him and a group in the local park and had been to his Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic a few times. He had been an honest to goodness Shaolin Monk and had come to the states, married and started his own business. I'm still fuzzy on the details, but he was apparently admitted to the hospital for pain and died 10 hours later. It didn't really hit me until some of our mutual friends started posting pictures of him on facebook. The one with his wife and kids devastated me. He was only about a year older than me.

Anyway. I'm had already been thinking about how I'd let my Taichi practice slip. I'm going to return to it and get back to what he taught me, as well as what I learned from my other teachers. I stopped because I got frustrated with my practice, I rationalized that I made no difference to the world if I practiced or not. But I want to honor the people that gave me their time and not throw that away. So I will do it for them and for me and not worry about anything else.

I'd also like to welcome Mr Papafakis to the blog. Sorry to welcome you after the bummer part of this post. I know you have a blog, but I can't recall what it is right now.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Sad to hear about your sifu Sean. It's certainly hard when someone we admire is taken far too early. I hope taking up Tai-Chi again will indeed help you and that you find a new love for it.

    1. Thanks Dai, I feel bad on several levels. I guess what hits particularly hard is that I just realized a few days before his death that I had let my skills deteriorate too far and needed to get back to practice. I feel I need to honor what he taught me by practicing it.



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