Sunday, October 22, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 207 - Ankhegs and Oxidation Beasts

Hi All,

  I somehow muddled through an overwhelming feeling of not accomplishing anything to completing these this evening.

I brushed on the black primer to these bones figures and then drybrushed on various earth tones. (Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Territorial Beige and Khaki Tan for the Ankhegs.) For the Oxidation Beasts I jut used the Umber and Sienna but then sponged on some Burnt Orange and Bright Orange to make them look rusty.

The main issue I had was with my varnish.

As you may recall, I like to use my Liquitex Matte Varnish for shiny and Vallejo Matte for dull. Unfortunately I am at the end of my Vallejo, and it has been going on very cloudy. You can see it on the head and mandible for the one on the left.You can also see that I did the Ankhegs completely in Liquitex and it is too shiny for my taste. I ordered some Winsor & Newton Galeria Matte Varnish, but it won't get here until Halloween.

Then I remembered I had this. It had never actually worked for me before, meaning I had never used it and the last time I tried to it would not spray at all.

I noticed how old it was but figured I had nothing to lose at this point. I shook the can extra long and tried using a different nozzle, but ended up using the original.

As you can see here, 18 year old varnish works.The one in the middle between the pure liquitex shiny matte and the cloudy vallejo matte.

If you go back to the top picture you may see I missed a few pots so the shine comes through. I was cooking dinner and losing light outside so I rushed things. But I'm reasonably happy and I got some more stuff finished. Yay me.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great work Sean, and a good example of power-painting if ever I've seen one :-) I personally like the Ankhegs looking shiny, but then I'm a gloss varnish guy. Spookily I've binned my latest two bottles of "Vallejo" Gloss Varnish, as it too has been going on very cloudy despite me brushing it on. Very odd indeed...

    1. HI Blaxkleric, thanks. When drybrushing is the main technique I can blast through things. I put my cheap craft store brushes to good use. I had one other comment that the "slimy" look was creepier, but I didn't like the all over shine. I'm weird and like shiny things shiny and matte things matte. I tend to spot varnish most of my models. I was at the bottom of the dropper bottle and noticed a haze on the resin Mini Monsters objective markers I painted recently. I've tossed the old Vallejo and have ordered some Winsor & Newton Matte Varnish that several Oldhammerers swear by. But I needed to get these things finished.

  2. Nice work Sean, especially the Oxidation Beasts. :)

    1. Thanks pulpcitizen, they were actually the simplest to paint. Sometimes less is more.



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