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WFRP 2nd Ed - Shopping in Talagaad

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Busy jumping around from topic to topic, what else is new? I've failed to finish my research into basing and have been messing around with world and language building software. More on that later, much later.

Two weeks ago we had a WFRP session scheduled, but Andrew and I couldn't make it so Jason and Bryan boldly ventured forth to get the lay of the land and try and convert some of their cash into useful items.

We'll start with a scene from Dreams of Araby, where the group figures out who can play which instrument.

Shopping in Talagaad

It was a warm early Autumn day, Vincent was half asleep on the roof of the coach as the rest of the party dozed in and out of slumber inside. The effects of the black lotus seem to be slowly fading away. The coach started to slow to a trot and a familiar knock came from the front. “We have arrived.” Alysia called from the front of the coach. Sally hopped out of the coach to get a look at the surroundings.

The sight was depressing. Not a half kilometer away sat the over populated slums of Talagaad. The breeze carried a foul stench of squalor. “I turn around here.” Alysia said again as she dismounted and started with unloading the baggage. “You should change your clothing. Looking as you do might not be a good thing, no. I have change of clothing for you all.”

Lukas and Leopold dismounted and began gathered there gear as Vincent handed down what was on the roof of the coach before climbing down himself. “So where are we meeting this contact.” Vincent said to no one in particular.

“He will find you.” Alysia replied. Everyone changed over to common empire clothing and the party made their way towards Talagaad. The impressive sight of the Talabheim wall and fortress atop the mighty crater was somewhat lessened by the mood of the town outside. Refugees from Kislev and what we would soon find out to be Hockland filled the streets. We made our way through the crowd nearing the center.

“I need to exchange some of these crowns for something a bit more useful.” Vincent said. “Perhaps we should ask for directions to a merchant.” Up until this time there was little in the way of markets that one would expect from a town this side. Just rows of hovels and shady buildings. The flow of people lead the party to a toll bridge. It seemed to be the only bridge that crossed the river that split Talagaad in two. The crowd was not particularly helpful when it came to asking for directions. Failing to get information the first time Vincent tried a different approach and confronted a man who did not have enough coin to cross the bridge. “Excuse me sir. Are you familiar with the other side of the river? We aren’t from around here and it seems we might be able to help each other out.”

The man’s name was Johan Stilts’ish (I’m not good at spelling or remembering names…) and he was indeed familiar with Talagaad and seemed a talkative and respectable man. Through some idle conversation and his willingness to share what he knew, the party mutually agreed to hire Johan as a guide. In return we will cover Johan’s tolls as well as a significant bonus after we concluded our day’s business.

The bridge was guarded by men tailored in red and white uniforms representing the colors of Talabheim. They were armored as one would expect a guardsman would be and they were decently armed with spear in hand and an axe at their hip. “Halt.” Cried the guard. “The toll for crossing the bridge will be 10 pence a person.” The party would soon find out that unique variables to ‘person’ that effected the price. In short… Halflings, being short as they are, only paid 5 pence. and “cripples” as the guard address Genaro must pay 15 pence to cross the bridge. This seems to have been the party’s first taste of Talabheim long list of laws.

Once crossed the river all eyes were on a large wall littered with papers and request for possible work. Every so often a crier would be calling out what was written on the papers. Work was scarce in Talagaad as so there was a large crowd surrounding the wall. One boisterous reader cried out that there was to be lucrative work coming tomorrow and that all interested members should meet at the Eel Tavern early tomorrow morning. Johan seemed interested in the job as well as Sally. Perhaps this would be that party’s way into Talabheim?

As Johan explained getting into Talabheim is an expensive and time consuming effort. Waiting lists and customs and yadda-yadda making it likely that the process could take a couple days before one begins there journey up the “Wizards Way”, the path that leads up the crater wall, if they are even allowed to.

The grouped made their way to the market district. Fortunately there was a large selections of shops. We were lucky according to Johan for apparently the market district opens its doors only a few days a week. Whether this is a the law of the land or just a circumstance to the impoverished state of Talagaad was never found out. The group went forth and made their trades. Vincent notably spent nearly all his coin on some maile completing his set as well as smaller items. The prices seemed rather fair for the most part.

The sun was setting and the shadows were getting long. “I must be getting back now,” Johan said after our time at the market. “Perhaps we see each other tomorrow at the Eel Tavern?” Sally gave Johan a generous wage for his time leading the party through Talagaad before making there to the 10 Tailed Cats Inn. The Inn was welcoming and had an interesting feature where if a storyteller was entertaining enough they would earn a free drink. There was a single patron that attempted this but the story of self pity did not seem to go over well enough for a free drink. After an evening the group turned in to get an early start so that they could be at the Eel Inn before the job is presented.

So it looks like we're in good shape for starting the adventure this weekend. The picture above blew me away. I'm really glad Jason is doing these.

Thanks for looking.

Of course I forgot to mention followers. Every time, geez!

Phil Otep reminded me of his blog Philotep's 1/72 Minis Kingdom. He also pointed me to Sprinks' blog Wronghammer, love the name and my original intention was to play Oldhammer in 1/72. I told myself I would never buy another 28mm figure. Whoops. Lastly welcome to Ryder Strickland of Belched from the Depths. Dude is an awesome painter and you should follow his blog!

Ok, now I'm done. For real.


  1. That Taalgaad picture is strikingly similar to some material I was making for a Wissenland Gazetteer a few years back (ok, 10).

    Just you know, actually good, and finished.

  2. Hi LGP, yeah I know all about big and languishing projects. The drawing seems familiar, but I think he knocked it out of the park. He put a lot of little details in it. You can see the party on the road and Olesia's carriage driving away.



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