Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paint Table Saturday 156 - Beastman?

Hi All,

Very little going on on the hobby front. I've been trying to clean house and tidy up all my games and hobby stuff. I'm not doing very well.

Here's something I slapped a little paint on during the week.

Sorry for the unedited cellphone pic, my lens may need another cleaning. Anyway, I'm just playing with color and sort of fumbling around with how I want him to look. I need to mix up some ink washes with those inks I bought a few months back.

You can also see where I had some spray primer issues on his leg. Every once in awhile I have a problem with this gritty texture coming from the spray can. I read somewhere this week that it could be from being too far from the model and paint droplets drying in mid air. this gives a granular texture to the model and is kind of unappealing.

I've done this now with expensive acrylic spray and cheap home depot primer. I'm not sure if I'll leave it or try to buff it/sand it off. It doesn't want to come off with a stiff tooth brush now that I've put a coat of paint on it. I don't like the idea of stripping the whole thing. I'll let you know what I eventually do.

Hopefully the chores will get finished and the mojo will return.

Happy hobbying everyone.


  1. What an interesting looking miniature, it looks like something from Bruegel garden of earthly delights. As for the primer, I've heard temperature can effect it too.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks. I usually think of Bosch when I see these but yeah. Phoenix is generally warmer and drier than a lot of places so it's a good possibility. I didn't think it was especially warm that day, but my view may be skewed after living here so long.

  2. Hmm, I've never seen spray paint do that before. I have had problems when there's been dust or loose basing sand floating about (& it gets stuck to the pain), but that's not quite the same thing.

  3. I had read that humidity can also factor in on the primer issue, causing the paint to glob up before it hits the model.

    I remember these sculpts from somewhere... Not know where though. Like him regardless - very much in the style of the 80's Realm of Chaos, all whackadoodle and so forth.

    Hope the mojo returns mate. It's chores getting you down. As your long-distance doctor I prescribe less chores and more hobby time.



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