Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quick Update - New Podcast and other stuff

Hi All,

  Just a quick update before I head off to work. I'm in the middle of putting together my Battle at the Farm report form Oldhammer weekend and should have about 4 reports all told from the event, not including the overview. I also realized last night that i forgot to write up the Man O'War game from last July.

  Andrew Dyer of Acceptable Radiation turned me on to a new wargaming podcast. It's called The Veteran Wargamer and the first two episodes have talked about Oldhammer a bit already. The host, Jay Arnold, cut his teeth on Rogue Trader so you can get an idea of where he's coming from.

  So check him out and see what you think.

  I'm also planning on taking one of my reports and trying to do a complimentary video report. This is something that Hengist, House of Hengist Comics, has done to great effect and I thought I'd give it a try. He seems to be doing most of his stuff on facebook now, but the blog links you there.

  I also have yet to inquire on The Miniatures Page to get a survey of how people travel with minis. Most comments I received back are partial to foam. I'm not un-partial to it, I just wanted to try another solution.

  Lastly, go check out Broken Paintbrush. Lots of great hobby and blogging articles. I enjoy the newsletter, as it brings things to my attention that I may have missed. I haven't been able to keep up lately as I've had all this training to do. But I'll try to catch up this weekend.

Bye for now,



  1. For what it's worth, I don't do podcasts or video blogs. Never really found them very appealing, though I do realise that I may be in a minority here...

    1. Hi Hugh. Yeah I tend to stay away from some of the new fangled ideas. Hengists take on the video report is interesting though. You might want to take a look. Podcasts can be hit and miss. I've thought about doing one but don't realistically have the time. I usually listen to them while doing mundane tasks like running or washing the dishes. they're also good while you paint or prep miniatures.



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