Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Vermember and gearing up for Curt's challenge.

Hi All,

Not a whole lot of hobby actually occurring as I horde more lead and plastic. I realized I'm running out of time to finish a Skaven figure for Vermember and a little bird told me to look out for an announcement about Curt's painting challenge on the 20th.

So I realized I need to get serious about prepping more figures.

While I do have a few of the old Plastic Regiments Skaven, I acquired an Isle of Blood box not long after Age of Sigmar came out. So above are the Rat Ogres and packmaster alongside a 20mm Splintered Light Rat man that had a void in his shield that needed filling. The plastic models have a lot of nice detail, but the sprue attachments didn't cut as clean as I would like and were a tad difficult to clean up on some surfaces.

They were all two part, so I had to glue them together. It's not clear to me if they were meant to be snap fit, but they were hard to test fit and then pull apart to glue. They also were a bear to fit tightly and I had to green stuff the gaps.

I used Vaseline to keep the green stuff from sticking everywhere but the model. That works much better than water for me. Spit as non stick, yuck. I also had terrible timing. I started gap filling at 10AM and had to be somewhere at 11AM. I tried freezing my ball of green stuff and found it was still usable at around 6PM when I had time to finish. I didn't use it all up so refroze that. I'll check on it later this afternoon after my errands.

I'll try to do some posts about the Kickstarter loot that's rolling in, and maybe about the insane amount of stuff I've been dealing for on Facebook.


  1. Lots to love here and is it really that time of year again?!

  2. Sounds good! Never tried green stuff prefer milliput tbh.

  3. Well, I definitely prefer Milliput for gap-filling. Green Stuff is sticky and hard to smooth down, I find. However, that very stickiness makes it much better for adding surface detail, where a less adhesive putty would be dislodged easily.

    1. Hi Hugh, I'm going to see about ordering some Milliput. I've finally noodled around with Green stuff enough that I'm a little more comfortable and have some tools and techniques that work. I will say that the next morning my masterpiece of gap filling didn't look quite as satisfying, but it'll have to do. One day I'll try my hand at more serious sculpting.

  4. Hey try the tamiya putty you get a good amount for the money and you can blend it into skin a lot easier than green or milli IMHO and it can be filed/sanded or cut. You also don't have to freeze it to stop it from cloying out on you.
    Good luck in your comp.

    1. Hi 24 Cigs, top tip. I'll have a look around and see if I can find some. I tried some testors modelling putty in a tube and it was a major pain in the ass. The local hobby shops are a little weird and don't seem to carry epoxy putty or modelling putty. I'll take a closer look at the Tamiya products this weekend.



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