Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paint Table Saturday 106 - Putty Table Saturday

Hi All,

It's getting to be a habit that i don't have any painting to show you. Just getting busy and not managing my time well.

I've set up shop on the dining room table, where my son does his homework, so I can be there to remind him that he's still working when his mind wanders off. It's exhausting.

I did manage to put some basing grit down for the three skaven figures. I'm not as happy with my Green Stuff gap filling, but I realized that old sword hand needs the join between head and body filled. I got several suggestions on putties to try instead of Green Stuff.

I was mostly recommended Milliput, but it doesn't seem to be available in any of the shops. 24 Cigarettes recommended Tamiya putty and I bought the Squadron putties because I was there and they were there. I'll let you know how it goes.

Evils of close up photography aside, the banner is shaping up. After painting in the black checks I haven't had the fortitude to paint this one. It needs a lot of touching up.

Of course it's not going to get any easier around here. My son crushed his previous race times in the State Championships and ran a 13:11 3K, coming in 7th in his age group. We're off to Albequerque next weekend for the Regional meet and I think he qualifies for Nationals with his time. Being our first season I'm not sure how it works.

Hope your having a good, and safe weekend.


  1. I cam never make green stuff do exactly what I want it to do either. I have tried Vallejo plastic putty though, which is useful for filling gaps in plastic models.

    1. Hi Michael, Vallejo plastic putty you say? I used the Tamiya last night.Like all Tamiya products it had a strong solvent odor. It started to form a skin fairly quickly. I used a tooth pick to glom it around like in a video I saw. I'll fill every one in after I look at it later today. So far I'm not totally sold on it as a solution.



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