Friday, September 18, 2015

Warband Generator and planning for a plan.

Hi All,

This week has proven to be a tough one. Kids had the day off from school on Monday, then the boy had two teeth pulled and stayed home yesterday. That coupled with the realization that his grades are crap midway through the first term, saw the painting time take a hit.

The first thing I want to bring your attention to, before I forget, is the Realm of Chaos Warband Generator from Lead Rising here. It's apparently been around for awhile,but I just found out about it this afternoon.

You may recall that the Chaos gods spoke to me when I found a Greater Demon of Tzeentch at half price books. I also recently acquired Azoth Soul Flay from Blue.

We did the transaction through the Facebook Oldhammer Trading Company and it was great. I can whole heartedly recommend both the group and Blue. Everyone that I've dealt with has been trying to deal fairly and honestly.

Even so I have been trawling ebay as well.

This guy came yesterday, and the last one of the Marauder Giant Black Orcs will be here soon. I also managed to win an auction for two more Orc Boar riders. I think I have enough now for a unit of 5 or 6.

So now for the planning part. This is where I always get distracted. The plan is to keep going through the lead and plastic pile to prep figures for the Analogue hobbies challenge. I need to get myself together for Orctober, and possibly Zombtober, next month and try to focus on finishing the tons of stalled figures that I have. I really want to set up some campaigns to use as a platform for playing the various rule sets I've amassed, and my thought is to get you all involved. Sort of like a random generator, but just with input from readers/ commentors.  The main thing is to keep it fun and moving along and have any bookkeeping minimal and mostly behind the scenes.

Gotta go pick up my son.



  1. Thanks for the shout out Sean! Go to see him go to a good home. I've been thinking about orctober myself lately...time to get some green skins primed!

    1. Cheers Blue! Just like to add links where possible and give credit where it's due. I hope I can do Azoth justice. I don't have a paint scheme in mind and can only find one "pro" painted example, that is pretty bad, online.

    2. Obviously I removed the old pj off this figure before listing it for sale...if you want to see what it looked like check this link:

      I used him as an archmage in one of my Cavern Crawl run throughs and took a picture. Not the best PJ in the World but he did look menacing.

    3. Thanks for the link Blue. Not a bad paint job at all. I like yours better than the other one I saw. I'll also have to check out Cavern Crawl. Funny to see that your post may have been what started Airborne on his Heroquest, uh, quest.



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