Saturday, September 19, 2015

Paint Table Saturday (Week 38)

Hi All,

I see some prople put up numbers for PTS somewhere in the 90's, but I have no idea what the "official" numbering system is. So I'm going by numeric week of the year.

This week I'm going to show you what I've done thus far up to today. I'm hoping, in this way, to keep you updated but not delay my post until I forget.

I decided to play with doing a rust effect on their silver metallics. I think the sword is a little much, but the axes and mace look good. I'm hoping a wash will bring it together better. I'm noticing that the focus got a little soft around the edges, I'm not sure if that's a lens limitation or if I need to adjust the positioning of the figures or the aperture. I changed it to 6.3 from 5.6 when I noticed some out of focus areas on a 28mm figure I was photographing. I've also stepped the flash compensation back to 0.0, I'm not sure if it's too dark now. What do you think.

I'll be posting about my plans to use the old board game Kingmaker as a campaign map for a War of the Roses game.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Michael. The only thing that's bugging me about them, aside from the heavy handed rust technique on the sword, is that they aren't done yet. I'm getting into the ultra fiddly stage on these.

  2. I like them! These are shaping up to being very nice indeed when completed.

    1. Thanks Hugh. Unfortunately, posting pictures was as far as I got on them over the weekend. Looks like week days only for painting.



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