Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Old"Hammer and Talomir

Hi All,

I've let the hectic, reactive nature of my life get the best of me of late. So I'll try to do better with updates.

Here is the Oldhammer stuff I referred to.

I picked up this 2006 edition book at Half Price books. I just wanted to get my imagination flowing from the fluff bits. I know that some feel the later development of Old World fluff was too confining, but there are some aspects of t that I like. I never follow things exactly anyway, so it gives me something to riff off of.

What may be hard to see is the bag of plastic Skaven heads, graciously donated by JamieM from the challenge. He sent them to me after seeing my plastic goblins painted up.

I'm all set up to play out the next Talomir Tales battle, I just took a slight detour to assemble the stuff I needed for the Potion Pilferers scenario for Knight's Quest.

Since I hurt my leg yesterday I should have more time for games. Can't seem to run injury free theses days.


  1. A behind the scene photos about how you work your Talomir battle report, precious!
    For Old Hammer, I have dig up recently my old books too, trying to share the joy with my son.

    1. Hi Cedric, thanks. We need to play some Warhammer together, if for no other reason than to prepare for Oldhammer in the US day. I need to get over to your blog as I saw you had an update recently.

    2. I meant my son and I. Although it would be fun to play with you, I think the distance and time zones would make it difficult.

    3. I understood the "we" was not for you and I. One day, we'll be able to catch up and play whatever game

  2. Nice setup and I love those old books. Too bad you can't get them here anymore since our LGS closed a long time ago.

    1. Hi Paradox0n. Hopefully the shots will be better. Try the used book store. That's where I found this and they had a bunch more.



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