Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ebay Hammer 2 - The Second Marauder Giant

Well, I told you I found another one after I realized the first was incomplete.

Still in the shrink wrap
 A glorious unopened box! For $9 less than the first one.

Looks like it's all there
 The rattling around inside the box was a tad disturbing, but it's all there.

The missing pieces are now here.
 I'm waiting on an order of the Alumilite  super casting kit. Then I'll try my hand at casting these up for the other giant. I still need to strip and break apart the various models for repainting.

I do have one question for those of you playing Oldhammer/ Warhammer. What do you do about the giants (or whatever figure) not fitting on a base. The base size for Giants, Trolls, Ogres is 40mm x 40mm and for the Marauder Giant that is tiny. The out of box one is on a 50mm x 50mm and he doesn't even fit on that. I can't seem to find the BOYL pictures with all the Giants right now. Just wondering how y'all would handle it?

I almost forgot. The sword appears to be angled/bent. I'm not sure, but from what I can tell this is intentional. Anybody know definitively?

On to the next question.

What do you think? Too big?
I dug out a chaos knight and a chaos warrior (my brother painted him back in the 90's and was going for a covered in gore look with black plate and red mail) [Now that I think of it, I'm going to try to recreate his concept]. But back to the point, in the middle is a Reaper Bertok the Barbarian figure. As you can see he is quite massive. For some reason this makes me feel like he is a Chaos Warrior who has been "blessed" with massive size. I know some of you incorporate non citadel or non classic figures {Heresy Hammer (tm)}. How do you go about it and what do you think. My initial idea for my Oldhammer project was to base everyone on square bases, perhaps I can get a Rendera 25mm. The standard 3mm just makes him too tall.

As always, thanks for looking and thanks in advance for any advice you care to give.


  1. For my Elmore Giant, I used a square base of mdf that he would fit on without looking daft. I think it was 60x60mm....

    1. Thanks Rab, that giant looks great just in primer. I think having it on a base that fits looks way better than trying to cram it on a "legal" base. Now following your blog.

  2. I based my Marauder Giant on a 50x50 base but it's true his feet come out a bit. It really is no problem. Good thnig with the oldhammer approach is that you don't really care about those, you just use what feels right for your models.

    Miwing all sort so fmodels in a unit doesn't bother me one bit, painting can tie models who would look totally diffrent otherwise.

    Looking forward to seeing your giant , it should fuel me to paint mine !

    1. Thanks JB. I'm just gonna do what feels right and "damn the consequences" :). I think I can source some 0.8mm thick bases from Litko to tone down his ginormity.

    2. To be honest, if a model is slightly bigger in a unit, you don't really care once they're all based and painted, Just go in the street and tell me if you're seeing people all the sme height... Chaos warriors should be even more different from one another really ^^

  3. Both my Giants (Well Giant Trolls) use a 75mm by 40mm and base everybody on the same style of bases as it'll hold the eye better in massed ranked units :)

    1. Hi Chico, the 75 x 40 looks pretty good. It also has the advantage that at least two of the faces are the "right" size. Is the 75 x 40 a standard base size, or is it custom?

  4. That Reaper figure *is* big, isn't he? I think I'd either put him as is on a 25mm square or remove his moulded-on base and try to fit him on a 20mm. Obviously that latter is more work and has a higher risk of damaging either the model or yourself :-( .

    Either way, I think I'd use something thin for the base (like 2mm MDF or plasticard) just to keep the height down a bit.

    1. Hi Hugh, having done some slotta surgery for some of the 20mm figures I'm not looking forward to the prospect of carving that base off the Reaper figure. Litko offers plywood bases in 3mm, 1.5mm and 0.8mm thicknesses. I was going to put him on a 25mm base, partly for the integral base size and partly because it is the base size for chaos warriors.



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