Monday, September 8, 2014

20mm Size Comparison - Splintered Light Fantasy

Hi All,

There was a post on the 1/72 - 20mm fantasy miniature group on Google+ about how some miniatures that Splintered Light had recently acquired measured up to the 1/72 plastics currently available.

Since I have some other Splintered Light minis, I thought I'd show what I have.

For scale I have included an IMEX American GI who stands almost exactly 25mm tall. Next to him is the familiar Fladnag, the Wizard from the Caeser Adventurers set. I have placed them all on washers to start at the same zero.

DRRE07 Rat Warriors 1

DRRE08 Rat Warriors 2

DRRE12 Rat Slings

DRRE16 Rat Command
 The Rats were all from the 20mm Woodland Warriors Range.

 Next were the Beastmen from the 20mm Fantasy range. The Beastlands Skimisher Pack.

Six infantry

4 missle and 2 infantry

2 minotaurs, 3 command and 1 infantry
 So as you can see the Fauns and Satyrs are a little bit shorter than human, the minotaurs are larger. It doesn't trouble me that much, but it may trouble others who want to use these for Warhammer style Chaos beastmen.

Next up are the lizard men. Also from the 20mm fantasy range. First up the Lizardman Boxed Set.


Archer, 3 infantry, 2 lizard beasts

6 infantry

3 command

6 Lizard cavalry


Bugbear Warriors
These last guys are also in the 20mm Fantasy range, from the Large Creatures and Bugbears sections respectively. The Ogres are pretty beefy, but I wish the Bugbears were larger than human size. In D&D they were 7+ feet tall, if I remember correctly. But I do really like the sculpts.

Just a note about how these were photographed.

I used my Nikon D5100 with the 18-55mm lens, tethered to my Surface Pro2 and controlled completely using Digcamcontrol. It's totally free and worked immediately after I installed it. It recognized the camera and showed all its settings, which were: A(perture priority) | E(xposure) 1s(ec) | F16 | ISO 100 | EV 0 | 22.0 mm.

The last part, telling me exactly how large I had manually zoomed with the lens is nice. It also noted my White Balance setting, I used Incandescent again as I like how the colors look.

It worked fine for out of the box. I was able to use live view and trigger the shutter through the tablet. I wish I could enlarge the view and the output. I was pretty sure everything was in focus, but on the camera itself I usually zoom in to make sure all the areas I want are in focus. The main thing I don't understand right now is if the pictures ever reside on the camera or not. At the end of the session I hit the download button and did not check the erase from camera box. When i checked the camera there were no photos on it. The downloaded ones had been saved to a folder called default in the Pictures folder. I was relieved to not have a struggle to ind them. So I'd give it a thumbs up. Especially if you have misplaced your infrared remote like I have.

Hope all this was useful to you.


  1. Cheers for keeping with the photography posts, all very interesting. As to the metal, again, all very interesting. Especially as I've not heard of any of the manufacturers before.

    1. Thanks Roy, I've been a bit scattered of late so it was nice to be able to mesh two things together. Splintered Light is a US company that makes pretty nice large 15mm figures and one of the few that makes 20mm fantasy. I was glad I used the software and tablet to take the pictures as I had been meaning to try it for some time.

  2. Excellent comparison! And what a studio to take pictures! Very impressive!


    1. Thanks Peter. It's just a small desk in the corner of our home "office".I've pretty much taken it over with my hobby stuff.

  3. Bloody hell! That's some set up you've got there for taking pics....very impressed!!!

    1. Hi Ray. The fanciest thing is the camera. The lights are just cheap desk lamps that I covered with baking parchment. The tablet is just what I used to replace my laptop. But I'm glad you like it.

  4. Very helpful! I know the Splintered Light folks have said their 20mm line was intended for 15/18mm, and that they felt these sculpts were a little large for the intended scale, so they adapted. It does seem the large monsters should be larger, especially those bugbears.

    I see you don't have any SL kobolds. Here's one of them next to a 1/72 figure: link. The ratmen seem to be about the same size.

    1. Hi 1Mac. No I don't have any Kobolds, but I may buy some for a Dungeon Bash. The Ratmen actually go with my conception, I don't think they should be as tall as humans. I would like the lizards slightly taller, but they're ok. Same with the Beastmen, I would like them a hair taller. I feel like the minotaurs are good size. I do wish the Ogres were a hair taller. The only thing that I really wish was taller is the Bugbears. I like all of the sculpts. So all in all a god range to extend those fantasy races that are hard to find.



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