Friday, January 10, 2014

Promoting a giveaway, my son's presents and wash woes

Hi All,

Just want to quickly promote Joakim's giveaway over at The Miniatures Man. He's celebrating passing 50K views and giving away some cool stuff.

As for my son's swag, first we have the snap together A-10 we put together.

A nice little mode, my son cut most of the model off the sprue. He also put together the large peices. the little stuff he needed me for. No glue or painting needed, a great kit for an aspiring little modeler. The bombs were a little fiddly for him.

Next up, Darth Vader. This dude is about 3 feet tall and awesome. Push a button on his chest and he says stuff. Not a lot, but enough.

Last thing you see before he chokes the life out of you.
I'm trying to get those plastic GW orcs done, but the GW Orc flesh wash worked terribly. It basically colored the high points and completely evaporated from the nooks and crannies. In the old days I used Winsor Newton Green ink, but that dried up long ago. I put in an order for  some acrylic inks through Dick Blick art supplies, following Les Bursley's suggestion in his wash guide.

Hopefully I can get this sorted. I've also decided that I need to finish painting up the forces of Treyine and Stygustan to fight my next battle. Many of these were started before the challenge so will be either ineligible or for less than full points. Either way they need to be painted.


  1. Like the bombardier ! no glue ? that's perfect for young children !

    Darth Vador : wow ! impressive !

  2. Hi Sam, thanks. Yes the plane was great for him. Vader is very cool but was a pain to get home from vacation.

  3. Replies
    1. I thought you would Fran. When my brother saw it in the store he could not resist buying it for Aidan.

  4. Cool looking stuff! BTW, I also had unsatisfactory experiences with GW washes - specifically the dark blue shade that did the same thing that happened to you - high areas shaded and recesses not filled. Not using them anymore; sticking to Vallejo Inks/Washes and also Minwax stain. Best, Dean

    1. Hi Dean, thanks for sharing your experience. I've been able to use the flesh wash, although it gives me some trouble. The Ork Flesh really messed me up. I have a red, yellow and blue that are still unopened. Perhaps in the next giveaway. Although that might be more of a punishment than a prize. I'm sticking with home made ink washes for now. They're not perfect but they work as expected.

  5. mini-Vader? Doesn't strike me as all that scary :-) ...

    1. Oh Hugh, "I find your lack of faith disturbing!"



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