Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Loki's Giveaway, White Dwarf Buildings and updates

If you haven't heard, Loki is doing a year long series of giveaways to celebrate 2014 and the growing success of his blog. You can read all about it here. Be sure to get you entry in before 0900 GMT on February 1st.

I almost let this post slip through the cracks, but over at Realm of Chaos 80's he has built one of the Warhammer buildings that had plans published in White Dwarf. You can see his here. I think I still have the plans somewhere and I actually built two back in the 90's. You can see mine in a post here. I'm considering redoing the thatched roof as it was never really fixed down and has been constantly shedding for 20 some odd years.

I'll also have to dig up the barn and forge project. I started it but never got it past gluing the foam core to the base.

Painting has fallen victim to lagging energy levels, but on the plus side I survived two workout sessions and a return to full contact in San Soo. Of course my next technique would have to be a throw. The general rule is you have it done to you first before you get to do it to someone else. It certainly makes you want to be as gentle as possible because these things hurt, a lot.

But I have been organizing those pesky 1/72 forces. For Treyine I'm going with a white and red color scheme (I know real original)and to break up the monotony I figured out how I want to vary things. One group is solid red, the other quarterly and the last halved vertically (per pale). This will add some visual interest to the army and be less boring to paint. I still need to work on the Stygustan army but I may steal Loki's idea for his Nubians and color code the breach clouts.

I also need to work on the Hero entry for the challenge. I'm going small and achievable. Seems like my general course of action for the challenge.

And thanks to Joakim of The Miniatures Man I won the Chainmail Heroes set in his giveaway. Very cool and thanks again.

*Edited to put in links I forgot. Doh!*

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