Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanks to all Veterans

The kids have off school and my wife took off from work for this veterans day.

Although I have never served, many in my family have. So to them, and all others who have stepped up I say thanks.

I'm sorry that I have not posted in awhile but I'm in high gear to get our house presentable for the relatives who will descend upon us for Thanksgiving in a few weeks time. Thus far this has entailed me assembling an armoire and two sofas from Ikea as well as donate our large sofa to goodwill. For the time being we are keeping the old love seat in the front room.

In gaming related news, I managed to buy a door mat for $10 at Ikea to make row crop terrain a la Mitch's example here. Also for the Talomir campaign I will be fighting the Stygustani invasion of Treyine. This will see me, hopefully, completing that Stygustan army and then almost the exact same Treyine army that I started and aborted way back in September of 2012 here.

In Fat Loss competition news I am sad to report that I did not win the club honors. I did, however go from ~15% to 9.5% body fat and lost about 13lbs. So I reached my goals, although I was not trying to lose so much weight. The guy who won our club deserved it, I don't know what his numbers were but he looked great. So on to the next phase, calorie increase and try to add muscle while staying lean. If I could just get my back to not hurt.

And lastly, although I'm covered with bruises, it was nice to have Joe back at San Soo last night. He''s been busy with work for the last few weeks and rolling with his 20 something son is not the same. There's no replacement for middle aged pent up aggression.

Although totally unrelated to the holiday I'll leave you with a tribute to the man that brought us San Soo in Phoenix. You can see me at 3:48 (not doing anything cool) as we pose for a picture at an event where I met Master Leitch in 2008. I'm in the front in a Yellow shirt on the left. My instructor is the guy behind me with a beard in a black shirt.


  1. Wow, San Soo looks pretty vicious. I hope you didn't receive as many kicks to the balls as in this video :P

    1. Hi Raspoutine, we do kick the balls a lot as a style but since, out of the four of us regulars, three are black belt or near, we don't focus on that as much. I will say I've got got quite a few bruises I can't recall getting.

  2. Ahh Another Martial Art Practioner. I delve in the Martial Art of Aikido. While I am in the Mainstream Aikikai style, my instructor does more impact and practical related aikido and jujitsu.
    Respect to you Sean!

    1. Thanks Jiaqi. I started in Northern Shaolin, then did Wushu for many years but I don't have the skill to compete in that and so I got more into self defense/ street fighting type stuff. It's all good, just make sure to listen to your body and let injuries heal. Mine are adding up and starting to make life difficult. Respect to you as well.



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