Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Loki (and other news)

In order to shamelessly get an additional 5 entries in the giveaway I am posting a link to his giveaway here.

I also received my prize from Anne's giveaway, The Zvezda Ashigaru-Yari (PSR link here).

I'll also be doing a giveaway soon, as I have already passed 40k views and want to share the wealth as it were.

This giveaway is very specific and may not be to everyone's taste. I'm hoping to find a good home for these. But more on that at another time.

I also hope to get my act together for getting on with the Chronicles of Loa. My injury and rehab have been leaving me feeling kind of wore out most days and I'm just not up for much.

In the realm of techno geekery I hope to give some more tips/ self rationalizations for dynamic templates and perhaps wax poetic about my latest trials and tribulations with Microsoft.

For those of you paying attention, Ray Villa was the winner of the poll for "Approved Blog Whore". There were more voting irregularities than Tammany Hall. We started with four votes and a 50 - 50 split, that went to 3 votes for Villa and finally down to 2 by poll close. It was all just for fun anyway. Ray's choice as to whether or not he even chooses to bestow the honor. Of course you could just steal the image from here and award it to yourself.

Welcome to Andrew Saunders of Loki's Great Hall, probably the fastest link back I've ever had. I haven't even finished writing this post. Another talented painter who competed in the Anologue Hobbies painting challenge. N. American Indians are some of the most recent posts but I also saw some Saga tournament stuff that looked fun.



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