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Chronicle of Loa - 987

In the Spring of 987 the countries of the Loa peninsula made ready for war. Armies were replenished and more mages hired in Eskelin, Kurinthia Malohad, Riata and Zamba. Heroes also emerged in Eskelin, Riata and Sortium. All nations chose to keep the mercenaries they had but not hire new ones. (This is mainly because the named units were already hired and I felt like keeping track of these special companies and dove tailing with the Talomir Tales campaign was going to be an issue. I need to work out a more generic or Loa specific list.)

Eskelin and Malohad declared war on each other but Eskelin was the aggressor and invaded. Being the more mobile force Malohad easily otscouted Eskelin and won a major victory. The Eskelin Mages were wounded and for Malohad one Level 1 mage was wounded and the Level 2 mage deserted.

Spring 987

Summer 987 saw Barylistan split their forces to invade Eskelin while defending against an invasion from Zamba. Malohad took the initiative from Eskelin and invaded their northern province.

Summer 987

After a drawn out battle Malohad was victorious over Eskelin with all but one of their mages deserting or wounded. The Eskelin mages and hero were also wounded. Barylistan's invasion of Eskelin was uncontested, and Zamba was repulsed at the cost of a wound to the Barylistani mage.

In the Fall of 987 war swept across the peninsula as never before. Malohad continued its holy war against Eskelin while Kurinthia sought to reclaim its province from Barylistan who now held it. Sortium woke from its slumber to attack Demeskeen while Riata thought it would pillage Barylistan while it was occupied fighting Kurinthia. Barylistan gave up pursuing its war with Zamba to defend itself on two fronts.

Fall 987

Kurinthia defeated Barylistan and regained the province it had lost to Eskelin. One level 1 and the Level 3 mage were injured in the battle. Barylistan was more successful in holding off the invasion from Riata. One level 1 mage was injured but the hero left the service of the realm in disgust. Malohad routed the Knights of Eskelin. Both the Malohad leader and the Captain of the Black Company (Alfred Badenhorst) were wounded. And in the final battle of the season Sortium lost  a close battle in the invasion attempt of Demeskeen. The Demeskeen mage saw too much of battle and deserted but the Sortium hero was enticed to stay. In the aftermath of the battles Eskelin, Riata and Sortium sued for peace.

Winter 987

During the Winter the High King of Riata died, some say of shame, others of poison in his mead. But the spring would see Riata riven in civil war. Kurinthia decided better of war with Barylistan and sued for peace. ( I forgot that Zamba and Barylistan were technically still at war so I will recheck that and write it into the Spring turn of 988. Barylistan had seized initiative and then basically handed it back by not following up.)

In 988 I hope to expand the palytest to include the income rules and also try out some characterization of the leaders of the various nations. My record keeping is still a shambles but I'm getting it slightly under control.

Again, this is all book keeping that needs to be done in a standard  game of RRtK, the rules I'm testing have added no extra work thus far. They have only simulated combat and I think work pretty well. I'm wondering if Eskelin should call upon the faithful to help them withstand the tide of invasion from the followers of the Black Moon.

And here is a quick tutorial of how I changed the texture on the Talomir Map. Quick and dirty, how I like it.

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  1. Great Map for Fantasy Wargaming. I am currently in the midst of trying to do my own fantasy world but it is based on Modern Era Warfare. In any case, I really like your wargaming blog and how it features the journey in which you have embark in terms of wargaming.

    If you like wargaming, warhammer, and military models, do come to my blog at and check it out. I am trying to expand my readership and community of people who comment and read my posts. I have google connected with you and do hope that you will connect with my blog too and check out and comment on what you like.

    Once again, Great job on the map!

    1. Thanks Jiaqi,

      I can't take credit for the map itself, it is from the game Rally Round the King. I have just imported it into GIMP and marked it up. Pretty simple really. Although it does remind me that I had a Talomir map making project which I abandoned.

      I followed your site, some interesting looking articles on a variety of gaming and modelling topics. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    2. It is a pleasure. Thanks for coming by. Speaking of fantasy stuff, I will be uploading some of my Warhammer Fantasy stuff. Do drop by and check it out sometime! Cool setup for ur map and all.



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