Monday, August 13, 2012


So I received an unsolicited email starting with "Hi dear" and then informing me that a "friend" was recommending me to try blog-train(dot)net.

It seems to be a blog listing site and I read somewhere that it was the English version of the German site Blog-Zum, not sure if it was hyphenated etc.

I did find the wargaming site It came from the Bitz Box on the main page. An interesting site if you're interested in scratch building WH40K stuff. I emailed the blog owner his opinion of blog train. I'll let you know what he says. And if you have experience with this site, let me know.

Welcome to:

Ender of Ender's games, some fantastic 1/72 dioramas. That water effect on the Viking dio is top notch.

Steve from Sound Officers Call with some very nicely painted figures and vehicles. The last three posts run the gamut from Sci Fi, to WWII, to Napoleonics.

And I do like Spam.



So I did hear back from the guy I contacted on blog train and he was in essentially the same boat. He didn't know who recommended him but he did point out that one more person respectively looked at each others blogs. So not too bad.

Welcome Primarch from It came from the Bitz Box.

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