Thursday, August 23, 2012

What to read next?

Well I finished "A Dance with Dragons" (book 5 of A Song of Ice and Fire) the other day and found out that it may be years before "The Winds of Winter" comes out.

So I did some searching and found this site with suggestions for books like Game of Thrones et al.

I also thought I should take a look at Bernard Cornwell, since many have recommended his books. I see he has a website but I like the wikipedia entry for him as it lists the Sharpe novels chronologically according to events in the books. The Grail Quest and Saxon stories series look to be right up my alley.

It looks like I can get them on the Kindle Fire, but I'm also tempted to get a H.P. Lovecraft Anthology for $2.99 or something ridiculously low like that.

Of course I should probably just wade through all the rules I purchased recently.

Now to switch topics (my wife always complains that I never let her know when I've switched topics), after reading Nicholas's post here I got to thinking about another tutorial to spiff up an old letter.

Of course that leads me to the fact that my computer is still ailing. I copied some files, ran check disk and then thought, what the hell, I'll run a disk back up. Well of course it failed and I got a disturbing notification that it could be nothing or my hard drive could be about to die. So I am currently re-attempting to back up and considering my options, including making a drive image and buying a new solid state drive. So much is on hold for now.

Hopefully I get it sorted and be back to flailing around with projects as usual.

And what I tell my wife when she gets mad about the switch is "Plate, Shrimp, Plate of Shrimp!" And this fits in with the 20 questions. The lattice of coincidence? It's all part of the Cosmic Unconsciousness.


  1. I can definitley recommend pretty much anything and everything by Cornwell - although if you don't want to commit to a series, try the stand alone 'The Fort' - set during the American War of Independence, and a great example of his writing

  2. I've currently searching for books and just purchased Tomorrow's War rules and Old Man's War by John Scalzi...

  3. Go for Cornwell's Warlord trilogy, about Merlin and Arthur. It turns the whole story upside down, or like Tim suggested if you want a stand alone book, try Stonehenge, that's an excellent book! Choices choices????

  4. I've just finished Cornwell's Anglo-Saxon series as well as his Warlord Trilogy (and I've read Sharpe in the past). They're all great, but for what it's worth I recommend the Saxon stories (first book is 'The Last Kingdom'). I loved them, and the Duchess is reading and enjoying them now too.

  5. Definitely Cornwell's Saxon series they are an excellent read!



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