Friday, July 23, 2021

WFRP 4th Edition - Inputting your Character on Roll20

 Hi All,

As a follow on from character generation, we have a situation where we needed to put our characters onto the platform we re playing on. For our group that is Roll20. Our GM has gone ahead and purchased the system specific add ons and there is a digital character sheet involved.

To be fair, all digital character sheets have their own idiosyncrasies. Based on the system and the person who built its interpretation of the rules/ character creation process.

So I'll try to forensically rehash what I did for my character. I also helped one of our group input his, perhaps I will go over that one as well.

Alright I took a bunch of screenshots, lets see if we can make sense of this thing.

So we start on the "MAIN" page button/tab. It's a little weird in that you input values into the blue shaded cells, but not all of them. So I entered Name, Species, Class, Age, Height Hair and Eyes. I think I also input my initial characteristics. I am not totally sure, but I think we found out you had to click on the header text to activate the cell for entry. I guess it's a good way to prevent inadvertently changing your values, but it was frustrating. I think when I input my movement of 4 it calculated and filled the other two. I also input my Resilience and Fate.

Although the timing is a bit off, ie I had to go to the advanced tab for some things first, I entered Talents  and specific advanced skills. You just hit the little plus sign. If you need to delete something you need to hit the edit (pen) symbol.

Just showing the bottom of the main page.

Now we're at the "ADVANCES" page. You don't have to re-enter the top part with your name etc.  You definitely need to click on the column text to be able to put in your advances. As a Human I got 5. You also need to input your career Skills and Talents and distribute your 40(?) points or whatever it is. I can't remember at the moment.

At the bottom of the page is your Species Talents and skills. Now I thought you could play with the bonus values, like the career skills, but you cannot. You have a choice of +3 or +5 only and you get 3 of each. I also found out when I helped another player that if you click on a +3 or +5 you can't seem to remove it. Not sure why that is.

Here we are in the "COMBAT" tab. 

Your wounds are calculated for you from your stats.

Trappings, armor and weapons are all pretty self explanatory. The one weird thing is that if you wear something it's Encumbrance no longer counts. Seems odd. You of course have to wear armor and/or shield to get the armor point fields to populate. I'm not sure if I put the dagger damage in correctly or not, but I think so. Oh and wealth you just input.

Hopefully that helps if you are struggling to get your character into roll20. If you have any tips or hacks for doing it better, please let me know.

Happy hobbying.


  1. Haven’t played WH role play since forever, but I do use roll20 for my mates Star Wars 5th Ed rules campaign. It’s okay, I don’t really like roleplaying online as there are too many instances of bad microphones and players taking over each other IMO.

    Regardless, it sounds like you have a good handle on all the options in roll20. I can barely move my character around! Lol

  2. Hi Dai, we tend to just use Roll20 for the maps, handouts and character sheets. Oh and the dice rolling. We use Skype for voice and back everything else up with physical copies, just in case. I feel like there isn't any more talking over each other than in person other than you don't have visual cues. We've been doing it for 5? years now, so we have a system that more or less works for us. The worst part is the time difference. I'm the lone player in the West, everyone else is in the East and the GM is in Warsaw.