Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Defend the Gate - MESBG:BC

 Hi All,

Last in person game before things really got crazy COVID wise in Arizona.

Again at Fantastic Legions house with his amazing terrain.

I pushed him to 50%, but lost the game because I couldn't get close enough to the gate when I rolled to see if the scenario was over.

Still fun. Enjoy.

I feel like my Uruks outperformed. My dice, for once, were pretty hot. However it was not enough. Lots more work to do on the force.

Not sure what is coming next. I have a few new figures in that are calling to me, so that may get me back to the painting table.

My son got exposed to someone with COVID at school, so we're trying to navigate testing and all that right now. The system is pretty confusing and my attempt to be proactive may be for nothing as we may not get his test results before he's done a full quarantine anyway. Oh well. I guess we're lucky to have gotten this far without having to test.

Hope you all are healthy, safe and getting in hobby where you can.


  1. A real pleasure to read and watch, superb...

    1. Thank you Phil, I'm glad you enjoyed it.



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