Monday, February 22, 2021

Hold the Line / A Daring Rescue - Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game : Battle Companies

 Hi All, 

Our next game took place in November. This started a rash of Middle Earth Gaming. My opponent was again CJ. He has been playing since the game came out and used to play Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game in tournaments. (PS, I'm only going to refer to it as MESBG et al from here on out.)

We ended up playing two games, but as I mention in the comic I can't remember the rationale for the second game. I thought that there was something in the injury section that called for it, but I can't find it at the moment.

Once again Fantastic Legions hosted. The terrain is his, the Rangers are CJ's and the Uruks were painted by yours truly.

Please enjoy this two part comic.

The main lesson I learned is, don't have a guy without a shield be your hero even if he looks cool. My strategy of running away worked for the first scenario, but I got my ass handed to me in close combat in the second. Those rangers are tough.

You may have noticed the background of the page. I made it special for this, but of course I covered it up with the panels. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you saw it better, but I can share it here too is desired.

Anyway we closed out 2020 and rang in the new year with a couple more games of MESBG:BC.

So you'll be seeing that in the next couple of reports.

Game if you can.

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  1. Great batrep and presentation. I love this comic book style.



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