Thursday, July 23, 2020

Mordheim: 5 a side

Hi All,

Not exactly sure what the hold up has been on the blogging front, but I've been busy with real life and hobby projects. Although now that I think of it it could be the PS4 we bought.

Anyway after the Warzone "challenge" Cheetor suggested painting up a few fantasy figures that one could slot into Mordheim/Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadowdeep games with an emphasis on fitting the Mordheim warband guidelines.

So participants were encouraged to pick a faction and paint up a Leader, Hero and three henchmen. Sounds pretty straight forward. So I had big plans to do two warbands, but then procrastinated and only finished the one.

I encourage you to go over to Scale Creep here and read all of the entries. There are some excellent figures represented.

Here is mine.

A fun mix of figures. Three GW later edition Flagellants, Dragon Bait Cleric Adventurer and Reaper Bones Witch Hunter looking dude.

Jakob Knochengard 44013 is currently out of stock, but a fun little mini. The Bones Black material is better than the white bones material, but I still prefer metal miniatures. You can't beat the price though.

Joachim Pumpernickel is a Dragon Bait Cleric. A fun model with a lot of  stuff on him. I have a bunch of figures from this range that I need to paint.




Not much to say about these guys, they are kooky. I used a LePen 0.05 marker to write on the sandwich boards.

Thanks for looking. I should have something else up soon.


  1. Nice work on these. Did you do something different with the skin, it looks very "creamy".

    And much as I love the Mordheim figures, they are certainly large fellows. (which in this case helps to blend in the taller non-GW figures!)

    1. Thanks Lasgunpacker. I think the flesh is my usual go to of the Reaper Tanned Flesh triad. Maybe just something with the photography that makes it look different.

  2. Fantastic warband mate. Hope you get to play a game with them!

    1. Thanks Dai, I hope I do. At this point though I'll need to paint the opposing side as well.

  3. These look sensational Sean! Really well done.

  4. These are really beautiful figures Sean!

  5. Fantastic warband, Sean! Especially the heroes look great.

    1. Thanks Skully, those two were particularly fun to paint.



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