Friday, May 22, 2020

Mek Life Crises - The Quarantina Mek Off

Hi All,

I painted an actual model the other day, I think my first of the year. A bunch of us were doing our usual trash talking and it devolved into Bulldoglopez calling out Captain Crooks to build a Mek in two weeks.

I had bought this Mega-Gargant off of Blue in VT as I got excited to go to BOYL 2019 and play some Epic. Unfortunately the Mega-Gargant was considered too OP and I had to build the one I ended up using.

I primed it using the airbrush. I think I'm getting the hang of it. At some point I may graduate from priming and varnishing to actually painting with it, but not yet.

I was convinced that I had to keep this unassembled in order to paint it. I think I was mostly right, but I did have the usual problems fitting it back together once painted. Just some very minor boring out of holes and shaving away a little bit of the shoulder crane.

Anyway, thanks for looking and go check out the really cool stuff the other guys did over at the Scale Creep blog here.


  1. How bizarre; I just picked up some epic scal marines and imp guard. It’s great that you took the plunge into airbrushing I’m sure you’ll make short work on future projects

    1. Thanks 24_Cigs. I'm hoping that the airbrush will help me be more productive in general. It's helping me get things primed fast than brush on or waiting for the stars to align so I can use spray paint.



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