Monday, July 8, 2019

OWAC2 Final Submission

Hi All,

I posted this to the OWAC a few days ago, but not all of you may be dialed into that blog. So here it is again if you did see it.

These photos probably needed editing, but I'm feeling a lot of time pressure now. So you get what you get.

Grim Reapers with the Reaper Anniversary Grim Reaper. The unit doesn't have shields in my list, but they look dumb with the shield nubbins so I'll add some later.

I am absolutely terrible at assembling multipart models. I had a terrible time with painting sub assemblies and then not having things fit right, fumble and drop the model, repaint, reglue, repeat.

For all that it looks good. Someone more competent may not have the same issues. I'm also not sold on the horse color, but it's done.

I did this guy as an extra. I tried some red ink on the armor but it went on a little thick so it looks more like just red paint than ink over metal. I may try the technique again.

Lastly, I took a second stab at Death, trying to channel Peter Bruegel the Elder. This one is for Iannick.

Bruegel's Triumph of Death is on display at The Prado in Madrid. I got a chance to see it in person this Summer.

Anyway, thanks for looking and happy painting.


  1. Wow! What a great looking force Sean.

    1. Thank you Michael. Stay tuned for the full army.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Airborne, I did it, but grudgingly.

  3. You've done a bang up job on these mate. Nicely done on getting them all painted up!



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