Friday, October 12, 2018

We rolled up some RoC war bands

Hi All,

So my son has been read the Realm of Chaos books here and there for a few weeks now. It's interesting the things he is picking up on and showing me as he looks through them. I have never really sat down to read them but just picked through the books at various times when a question occurs to me and then forgetting what the relevant information may have been.

What follows is how we rolled our war bands. Did we do it right? Probably not, but the process once you have the two books in hand is somewhat chaotic. ;)

Slaves to Darkness has this handy dandy chart, but it's still not really a guide to how to roll things up and the "instructions" in various sections have you jumping round the book.

In the back of the Lost and the Damned they have all of the charts you need to roll things up.

One of the things that confused me was this blurb about the marks of Chaos in the back of Lost and the Damned. It appears to be more specific with "Mark of Chaos" one receives.

Here's what we did. It may be horribly wrong, let's look. Shall we?

First we need to select our champion. The Road to Power section on pg 38 of Slaves to Darkness seems to be the place to start. On pg 39, in How the System Works it states "A Champion of Chaos begins life as a randomly generated profile." and later "immediately receives two rewards from his patron Chaos Power: one Chaos gift which depends on the god, and a chaos attribute." I'm getting slightly ahead of myself here.

On pg 40 (StD) we have the starting profile table. One chart each for Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Human and Other. If you had a plan in mind, ie a figure ready to convert or use, you might just pick one. We like to put our fate in the hands of the dice gods, so we rolled. We both rolled Chaos Dwarves. Fitting I think, as I have zero Chaos Dwarf models. He rolled a regular Chaos Dwarf, I rolled a Level 5 Hero.

The next step is where I got a little, and still may be, a little confused. StD pg 44 Rewards of Chaos reiterates that you give each champion on attribute and one gift from his patron. Then further rewards can be earned during a campaign. On pg 45 is the Chaos Rewards Table. The same table, in a slightly different format, can be found on pg 50 of LatD. Then there are the "gifts of the various powers. In StD they are still called rewards, in LatD they are called gifts. StD Khorne pg 47, Slaanesh pg 50. LatD Nurgle pg 51, Tzeentch pg 54. LatD also has them all together in the Summary on pg 284.

I think we started by rolling up my son's champion and then that Marks of the Chaos Powers box from pg 281 of the summary in LatD got my attention. My son wants to follow Tzeentch, so I chose to Follow Khorne as an obvious adversary. So if we look at what it says for Khorne and Tzeentch we get that my Chaos Dwarf has Chaos Armor and one random attribute. I rolled 033 Beaked. I then also rolled for a gift, I see now that the Chaos armor is probably the gift, but I got 54 Frenzy. Aidan's champion received a magic rod of Tzeentch and 3 (rolled on a D3) Attributes. He rolled 452 Headless, 279 Cloven Hooves, and 319 Crystalline Body. His gift was 22 Face of Horror. So again, I'm not sure if rolling for the gift after taking the item was the right thing to do, but since we both did it  they come out in the wash.

With the Champions covered it was time to figure out our retinues. This can be found after the Campaign section in StD, Retinue of a Chaos Champion pg 57. The specifics are on StD pg 58. It says "For every two rewards (attributes or gifts) ... consult the following chart. It's a D6 roll you have a chance for 0-2 rolls on the retinue table. My son rolled up 2 Minotaurs. I rolled up a Chaos Warrior. So then I had to give him Chaos Armor (Khorne) and then I did some thing weird again. I rolled on the rewards table and got 61 Gift, I then rolled 92 Eye of God and got Collar of Khorne and a Fleshhound since he had less than 6 rewards. He then also got another roll, which was 71 Gift, and rolled 51 Chaos armor. So now his Armor is fused to his body and he has a 3+ save. I then rolled 28 Attribute and got 506 Invisibility.

So the question here is, did I do the retinue guy right?  As I look at it now, probably not. I think it should probably be Chaos Armor and roll an attribute. I feel like rolling on the Chaos Rweards table is what you do after a battle in a campaign. I see it states that on pg 55 of StD.

Any thoughts? Have you rolled up a Chaos Warband? Do it differently than I did here?

Thanks for looking and commenting.


  1. Ok, never played and totally off topic.
    How did I miss your blog for so long?
    Great stuff here. I'm glad I found it.

    1. Hi Maj G, same for me and yours. Sometimes things just get lost in all the content. I need to go back and check to see if I have you in my feed reader somewhere. I feel like I'm not seeing updates on your blog.

  2. From what I can tell (and I'm sure there is scope for interpretation), I'm pretty sure you have given everyone an extra starting gift/reward.

    The first two gifts/rewards consist of a specific item (armour for khorne, random item for tzeentch, +WP for slaanesh, etc) and a chaos attribute (the bad kind of gift). When you roll for rewards you roll on the table on page 45 first....which makes it much less likely to get the chaos god specific gifts (like face of a horror)as you need to hit 70-85. LaTD makes it a bit more clear that you can refuse the 'regular' reward and choose to roll on the god specific table. I'm unclear if you get to see the offer first....although refuse to me suggests you do. StD notes that you can't get rewards from the god specific table twice in a row.

    Your follower made the same error as your original champions (a bonus gift/reward). I can't remember if they generate followers too (yikes!). I imagine that their might easily be a 'leadership fight' if the follower is a lot better.

    1. If my addled memory is recollecting correctly, Dave has the right of it.

      Love those tables. So much randomness and fun. Perfect for a 12-year-old.

      I made a warband too a while back and never finished painting it. Hrm...

    2. Thanks DaveB and Dai, I was getting the suspicion at the time and more so during my reread that this was the case. I see also that rolling randomly for Gifts is only for undivided.

  3. Yup you get your initial gift and an attribute. So your champ would have the chaos armor and beaked. Your retinue should use the dominate trait table not the champion table. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. I thought the dominant traits was for units? In this case it's a single chaos warrior so would be the individual table, no?



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