Friday, February 17, 2017

Oldhammer - Character Injury Charts

Hi All,

Been noodling around with a full write up of the Emporium of Rogue Dreams full Abdul Goldberg contest. My work on the North American submissions got me fired up to do a separate piece on the whole thing.

But on to the main thrust of today's post.

Injury Charts

So, if I recall correctly, Bulldog was talking about Rogue Trader campaigns and how to deal with casualty recovery. He said something about using a chart from Mordheim and I made a comment that I thought there was some such thing in 3rd Edition Warhammer, but I didn't know where since I haven't actually read all of my books.

So I did a little research.

In the Advanced Gamer section of Rogue Trader we find a casualty recovery system on p239.  Using percentile dice (d100) you roll for each fallen figure after the scenario. They have a 50% chance of being fine, 25% chance of being injured (roll on the injury chart) and a 25% chance of being outright dead. Sounds pretty useful.

For 3rd Edition I discovered the Casualty Recovery Chart on p73 of Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned. This one is also d100 but has the injuries folded in the table, no secondary rolls. The chance of outright death has also been reduced to 10%.

 By the time we get to Mordheim we have changed to the d66. I guess it's handy since we tend to have a lot of d6 for playing GW games, but it seems a little weird. It also reminds me of my d666 or d108 post here. Anyway, here again we have the results all in one table, no re-rolling. Each individual value has a 2.8% probability of coming up (thanks Troll Dice) so about a 14% chance of death and then some interesting ideas like being sold into slavery or to be sold as a pit fighter. I don't have a physical copy of these rules but I found it on p80 of something called the Living Rulebook and p174 of something called the Updated rulebook.

 Lastly, Necromunda is essentially the same as Mordheim. There is an almost 17% chance of death and no mention of pit fighting but more talk of scars. It is on p84 of that rule book.

I also have the much newer system, Inquisitor, lying around but Mordheim and Necromunda are Newhammer enough to me that I don't feel the need to look any further. (I just peaked, the system is so different that it doesn't really apply to the older rules at all. Probably more like WFRP.)

So any experience using these various systems? Have a favorite?


  1. Not in a bloody long time. The only one I remember playing a campaign in that lasted more than 3 games was Necromunda where of all my gang members none died and only one got bad rolls on the injury chart, losing umpteen fingers, an eye and became quite dull-witted if I remember correctly. After the second game he rarely missed a shot with his shotgun or stabbing gangers to death with his trust knife.

    1. Hi Dai, sounds like a real character. It might be fun to play a few of these skirmish campaign systems some day.



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