Friday, July 1, 2016

Shogun Miniatures = Great Service

Hi All,

  I finally put in an order to Shogun Miniatures for some movement trays after Chris McCandless recommended them to me at last years Oldhammmer USA Weekend.

  As you know I'm a do it yourselfer, but the price and quality of the trays can't be beat. Very nice metal, expertly cut and not a burr or sharp edge to be found.

 I think this one is for 2 ranks of 5 25mm square bases.

Abdul with a magnetized base, sticks pretty well.

I just used my Loctite gel superglue to attach the magnet. It seems to hold fairly well, I wouldn't thrash it around though. I'd also recommend putting the magnet in a more central location.

These magnets appear to fit perfectly under both official GW bases and my Chinese knockoffs.

You can order them directly from K&J Magnetics here. I just ordered another couple hundred to prep for Brian's Birthday Bash.

My next post will be Paint Table Saturday and then I'll follow up with the Jewelry trays and custom sheets from Shogun that I'm using for transport this year.

Stay tuned.


  1. Very cool Sean...I've been eyeballing this myself after chatting with Chris M at last years event. I'm also quite interested to see how your new transport system works out. Keep us posted!

    1. Hi Blue. Yeah I waited almost a year. I think it will just decrease the fiddly movement of figures for our games. Shogun was pretty quick and he cut the custom metal plates to fit into my jewelry trays. I think everything with shipping was about $82. I thought it was reasonable. I'll spell it all out in a later post. I'm tryinng not to jam too much into each one.



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