Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rebel Minis Goblins with GW Goblins

I wanted to take some better pictures of those Darkhold Goblins from Rebel Minis that I entered in the Comedic bonus round for the Painting challenge.

So these are the 4 villagers and 3 henchmen.

Here they are with the Oldhammer Stikas I finished earlier. Obviously in a different style, but I think they look okay. On to the close ups.

 I thought the guy with the Lantern should be called Diogenes. All the names are ones I made up. Sorry about the blurry back view, I must have bumped the tripod. The exposure times were pretty long, several seconds. The close ups show a lot of the flaws.

 Eyepatch looks kind of like a leader type. I really like the knife behind the back. Those mold lines on the ears gave me difficulties.

 Granny looks like she needed more shots with the dust off. I did not even see the static grass stuck to her. The granularity of the White Liquitex spray is probably the worst on her. I probably won't use it to prime figures anymore. I'm not sure why it comes out like that, I don't have a lot of experience with sprays in general.

 Hiho is a little odd in the mix, I like the candle on his hat though.

 Nosy is the whole reason I bought these figures. I like how he turned out in the main.

 I love Patsy too. I phoned in the frog, but like how the rest turned out.

Whizboss could be a wizard or a town elder. They do make a wizard figure, I just didn't buy it. He looks like he needs a wash behind the ears.

So there you have it. The close ups are a little scary, warts and all as they say, but I think I might have gotten a vote or two more if I had shown them like this on the bonus round blog. Oh well, I think maybe the bonus rounds are really just outside of my abilities. I don't have the skills or techniques down to do well.

I also forgot to welcome Airbornegrove26 of Give Em Lead, a great blog of Oldhammer, Heroquest and Comics. He doesn't have his blog listed in his friend connect profile, but I'd recognize Schmendrick anywhere.

Off to see Marvel Universe with the family. Enjoy your day.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Leif, the figures I won from you made it on bases finally, but I haven't gotten them on the painting desk yet.

    2. No hurry... I have some prices waiting their turn as well, that I got nearly two years ago.

  2. Those are Super man well done! Looking forward to seeing a goblin village? :-) I think I'll add these guys to my gobo boys they really are very well. Made me and my son want to get them! Good luck Greyson in Va.

    1. Thanks Greyson. Hope you have fun with them, I thought they were great little sculpts.



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