Friday, March 20, 2015

Basking in that post challenge afterglow!

Well the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge V ended yesterday, and it was a great experience yet again.

I think the theme for this challenge was the little challenger who could. I thought I could, had many moments of self doubt, wasted some of my time and came very close to achieving all my goals. I had fun and painted a lot of stuff so lets look at a spreadsheet comparing this year and last year, shall we?

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge

4th 5th

2013 – 2014 2014 – 2015
Points Target 1000 1000

Points Scored 574 806

Bonus Rounds 7 8

Bonus Rounds completed 6 8

Figures Painted 64 82

So, while I failed to hit my target for the second year in a row, I got much closer.  So close in fact, for a brief moment this week, I believed I could make u the 271 points to make it. In the end I settled for finishing everything I had started on the painting desk.

That was these:

18 20mm plastics and one 28mm metal for 77 points.

Caesar fantasy Dwarf and Goblins.

Caesar Numidians and Orion Khazars.

Reaper Dwarf "Dain" from the Learn to Paint - Intermediate Armor Kit.

I won't say there was no stress, because I stressed a lot actually, but I came away feeling more accomplished and energized at the end this year. Last year I was totally burnt out and didn't pick up a brush again until July.

So aside from painting more miniatures and scoring more points, what did I accomplish? I proved to myself that I can push myself to bang out figures. My biggest hurdle has been getting things almost done and then leaving them that way. I achieved my goal of entering all the bonus rounds. Last year I missed the last one as I crashed and burned when I realized my points goal was out of reach. I got Curt his fee figure during the challenge. More than anything else it bugged me that I hadn't completed my Curtgeld in a timely manner last year, so that was a weight off. And lastly I finally made an honorable mention in a bonus round. I hadn't initially even considered it but surprised myself with some of my own entries this year. While I'm sure that some of the heavy hitters not submitting entries may have played a part, I'll still take the accolades. You can even put an asterisk next to it.

So, plans for next year? While I'm feeling the euphoria I'll lay out a basic plan for next year.

  1. Prep more figures. I seem to spend way too much time still prepping during the challenge.
  2. Set my goal to 750. I never seem to hit my target so I'll lower it a little. You can always revise up.
  3. Perhaps be a little more selective in the bonus rounds. While I enjoyed all the bonus rounds I didn't always have the mojo for them and I think it showed.  Better to just do a couple that really click.
  4. Try to do a better job of blog interaction during the challenge. In the heat of it all I was unable to comment and read on all the entries, let alone other blogs not involved.
There you have it. I'll leave you with a group shot.

Perhaps not as impressive when it's all stored in a Really Useful Box.

Looks a bit better in the group shot.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Sean,

    Congrats on surviving your 2nd Challenge. It was great having you along again :)

    It's eminently sensible to set yourself a lower initial target. That way if you hit it early, you get a huge morale boost whilst if you don't quite make it by the end at least the gap won't be dispiriting.

    1. Hi Tamsin, thanks. It was great to be a part of it again. I think I found my stride a little more this go round. I'm going to work on consistency during the off season. And yes the psychology of ticking those points down is a big factor.

  2. No matter that you didn't hit your target,you're still a winner completing so many figures, which you probably wouldn't have done without the challenge.

    1. Thanks Joe. For me it's like running races, I look for signs of improvement rather than hitting certain benchmarks or winning. Although I was bummed that in my last race I could have shaved almost a minute off my time if I had been more aggressive at the starting line and pushed my way in front of the walkers and baby strollers. And yes, having painted figures is the ultimate goal.

  3. Well done Sean. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you kept coming up with during the Challenge. Funnily my entries also crawled to a halt towards the end because I found myself just prepping, and then prepping more etc. However that is a serious number of well-painted minis you've finished and you should be well-chuffed with those... now back to the Tale of Several Gamers ;-)

    1. Hi Blaxkleric, ditto! I think one will always have some prepping to do during the challenge. For me it is usually just poor planning, not completing the figures I intend to paint. This year also added all the bonus round figures, some of which weren't even purchased until mid challenge. Yes now we can get back to the serious work of AToSG. ;)

  4. Congratulations on your achievement! Reading between the lines, I think that your plan for next year is "keep it fun", right :-) ?

    1. Hi Hugh, thanks. I think I am the biggest impediment to keeping it fun. I tend to manufacture my own stress. But yes, keeping it light should be the order of the day.

  5. Congrats! maybe the best thing is not reaching the target ? not too much stress !
    agree with Colgar6 : have fun and continue to paint beautiful figures !
    for me it's a great collection that you have at the end .

    1. Thanks Sam. Other than the camaraderie of the challenge the best part is having a lot of finished figures.



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