Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Submission for the Anti Hero bonus round on AHPCV

Hi All,

Things keep finding me either too busy or too tired to manage the blog as well as I would like. I'm taking a little time off from Cardio to try and let my foot heal after a lego incident the other day.

My entry post can be found here.

I'll repost the fluff here:

So from the Great White North comes Curt "The Cannibal" Campbell. Curt had headed West to the Yukon territories to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. All was well and good until the territory was flooded with rubes looking to strike it rich in the gold rush. Some say it was syphilis and others say bad moonshine, but Curt became obsessed with the most dangerous prey, man. After some miners went missing near his camp local law enforcement went to investigate. All they found was a burnt out cabin and a fire pit with what appeared to be human remains. There have been many sightings of Curt over the years. Some say he's a rich San Francisco Banker, others that he farms Sugar Cane in the Bahamas. But most sightings have come of a mysterious figure on the plains of Saskatchewan.

This figures is from the "Mad Trappers of Rat River" pack from the Yukon Peril range by Pulp Figures. These figures are great! Characterful and detailed sculpts, I don't think there was any flash or mold lines to remove. If there were, they were minimal. I painted him with a mixture of Craft, Reaper and GW paints. He also got my grunge wash to try and help blend the layers a little better. I used three colors each to blend up the clothing and four on the skin. I'm still feeling like the transitions on large areas are not smooth enough, but right now I'm not sure how to improve that. Washes hide many sins. I did the Hudson Bay Blanket coat to make it more obviously Canadian, I couldn't fit a Beaver or a Moose on the base, and am not sure now if I had already seen the "Northland Adventurers" or not. A much better HBC capote than mine.

One new technique I tried was to try and mix a metallic highlight with some reaper Pearl White. I used it on the Silver and Brass metallics, but ended up hitting the silver with some Reaper Honed silver to punch it up even more. I also tried using the GW snow flock dry this time, like I would use regular earth tone flock. To me it looks like short white grass. I'm trying to convince myself it's hoar frost.

Anyhow, do yourself a favor and head over to the bonus theme blog. Once again there is some real talent on display. If it so happens that you find my entry deserving, please give it a vote.

Before I go I'd like to welcome Space Cow Smith of Space Cow Smith Productions, a site I was unaware of, as well as Tales from Farpoint and A Tale of Several Gamers which I am aware of. Very talented person, and I think that those of you who are trying to put together an Oldhammer/ Old40K warband or army should join AToSG and get some support and inspiration for your project.

Also welcome to Gordon Richards of I have wrought my simple plan. Some fantastic looking In Her Majesty's Name figures and scenery.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Cracking stuff Sean. The name and background gave me a good laugh too. You got my vote!

  2. Thanks Millsy, it means a lot. It goes without saying that yours got my vote.

  3. Ooh, the crazy, loner man from the wilderness! The hills have eyes, 19th century style...



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