Monday, October 20, 2014

Zom(b)tober 3

Well, it was actually yesterday but I got these three finished today with the varnish, gore and flocking.

Since the last time was sort of 1.5 there wasn't really a 2.

I tried to do three color style but I think I fell a little flat. I need to work on anatomy for these figures that don't have sculpted musculature. I also tried to paint on folds to the flat areas of the clothes, but it just looks like stripes on the bathrobe.

So I may revisit the glaze over grey again.

The other difference was I tried some splatter effects on them. Washes didn't work, watered down paint was better.

I also have 5 more orcs about 70% done but I didn't want to hold up the zombies any longer.

Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy with kid activities.


  1. Nice work dude! They have some great faces.

  2. Nicely done. The folds look fine to me. The purple one's clothing appears to have real depth to it, in the above photo.

    1. Thanks Roy. I guess we are all our own worst critics. It just looks a tad ham fisted to me. I wish I had one of the Dallimore books detailing how to do the style. I'm pretty much winging it.

  3. You are indeed your own worst critic as these look very good indeed.

    1. Thank you Joe, I'm glad you liked them. Your comment also helps with motivation to keep going forward.



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