Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pimping some giveaways

Hi All,

Just pimping some more giveaways.

Back to the minis has. Blood Bowl Figs, Foundry Painting and Modelling Guide, GZG NAC starter Fleet, and now Two books. Good stuff. Put your name in the hat and boost his page views.

Also check out Hive Zero and his Epic Giveaway. Even if you don't want Epic space marines give him a bit of encouragement. There's nothing worse than having a giveaway that no one enters. Come on it's free stuff.

Welcome to John Yorio. You also don't have your blog listed in your links, but I know it is Table Top Diversions, a very nice solo, rpg and eclectic miniatures games blog.

And now, just to increase hits on this post and thereby hopefully drive traffic to the aforementioned giveaways lets talk about our favorite ladies dressed up as Princess Leia in the Jabba slave outfit.Shall we?

First off the original, Carrie Fisher.

Hard to beat the original.
 Next, Adrienne Curry.
 I had no idea who she was.

Then Jennifer Aniston as Rachel from friends.

This one made an impression on me because of the comedy of her fulfilling Ross's geek fantasy. Admit it, it's yours as well.

And last but not least Olivia Munn. I do know who she is and I'd have to say she is my favorite.

And then for comic relief, an impromptu Jabba's lair scene.

From  college humor


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Fran. You are a true connoisseur.

    2. Is that the correct collective term for Leias, then - a "handful"?

    3. I don't reckon mouthful will do, will it?

    4. I think someone suggested "an Organa of Leias"

    5. I think two is a Hanful, unless you're General Grievous. More than that is an Organa.

    6. I like the mouthful idea the best!!!

  2. funny and ... nice ! I don't which one I prefer except the original !

  3. Wow, nice. I'd go for all of them. :)

    1. Thanks Joe. In truth I would not kick any of them out of bed.

  4. Thank you for the mention.

    And even more thanks for posting that picture of Olivia Munn.


    1. My pleasure John, on both accounts. I was sad when DirecTV dropped the G4 channel. I need to check up on Ms. Munn and see what she is doing these days.

  5. One of my favourite cinematic costumes of all time! ;)



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