Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Final days to get in on the Modular Gaming Table

Dreamfish, from over at Realms of Miniatures is winding down his Indiegogo for his Modular Gaming Table here.

Same picture borrowed from Realms of Miniatures

Also welcome to new followers:

Eldorf.Dragonsbane: Your friend connect does not list any blogs you write but your avatar looks similar to Doug, whose two blogs I just followed. If it is you I'll link to your blogs, if not let me know if you have a blog and I'll link to it.

Asslessman is the author of Leadplague a talented painter and devotee of Oldhammer (aka WFB 3rd edition). I'm not sure why I'm not showing up on you google friend bar, I'll go ahead and fix that.


  1. Pity the system does not include the boards and its basically just a table stand and storage rack

    1. Yeah I really like the idea but I just can't justify the expense right now. Also I hadn't thought about it but yeah, you aren't able to use it if you don't already have 2'x 2' game boards at the specified thickness. Shame really because I think the idea is genius. Maybe too small a niche.

  2. Surely is a nice idea,the closest thing to the best table system. Guess we'll still have to wait for a gaming table that takes no space (and miniature cases that don't fill all our space).

    @Sean : Don't worry, your kind words make you my friend anyway! (and you are showing on my google frind bar)



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