Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog disappearance

All of my Google stuff disappeared yesterday as a result of Google seeing unusual activity with my account. At first I thought I had been hacked, but it turns out it may have been my use of my early birthday present (a kindle fire). I have been using it to randomly look at blogs throughout the day and I had made a few comments. I later found that those comments were gone. So I assume that this may be what Google objected to.

I started trying to put this post up from the Kindle, but it wouldn't let me type in the body of the post. I'm not sure why. So there are a few quirks, but overall I've been happy with it. Loaded up all my THW PDF's into it the other day and now can read them on the go like while I'm waiting for kids karate to finish, etc.

Hopefully this will not happen to you, but it was a simple fix. The thing I was most concerned about was losing the various things that I had left here to remind myself of things. All I had to do to fix it was get Google to send me a text that I could then verify my account and get re-instated.

Normal random, stream of consciousness, posts will resume momentarily.


  1. Same thing happened to me a while back. Had to get in touch with goggle too to sort.

  2. Happened to me, had to jump through hoops with google to sort it!



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