Sunday, October 23, 2011

Be Ready Etc, Book Review

Now I must admit that this was a total impulse buy because of the cover and excerpts on the back. I was also, at the time, heavily into post apocalypse material.

I will say that I find Forrest funny and appreciate his quirkiness, but at times the book gets a bit much. Many dick jokes and overall locker room humor. While I have a high tolerance for this others may not be able to get past it. I would also say that the synopsis and pitch he gives to the publisher are probably more what I was looking for. Stretching it out into a book just made me want to put it down more than keep reading.

So from the back cover:

1. Have you dug up your wife's rose garden and built a fallout shelter, equipped with a prison where you can lock up annoying family members?

2. Have you mapped out an escape route to your safe zone?

3. Is there a vehicle of death siting in your garage?

4. Have you filled your go bag with all the needed instruments, including waterproof matches, postapocalyptic goggles, and at least one sexual party favor?

5. Have you learned how to milk various types of animals, including a giraffe?

You get the idea. So you have tips on how to survive, signs of a variety of coming apocalypti and tips for how to set up your own post A society (with you on top of course). There are also several side bars with interesting stores by Forrest and friends such as "Naked Etiquette" and my favorite "Ways to know if you are a F***ing fighter" especially #2 - You might be a fighter if you've ever given a stripper ringworm.

So in conclusion I would say this book is more like a limerick book. Better to pick and choose your way through than a straight sit down and read through.

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