Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Umber Hulks and assorted terrain projects

Hi All,

I wanted to start today's post by welcoming Remco to the blog. I usually leave the welcomes for last and almost always forget. Your name is very familiar, but I can't seem to think of your blog. Blogger profiles don't seem to include that any more.

On to the projects.

Finally broke out those Nozulr's Umber Hulks I ordered from miniature market. I'm going to paint them up for the Ambull Safari. Still need to work out some kinks in the scenario.

While I was photographing the Umber Hulks, this cardboard river section looked back at me accusingly. You may recall I had started these back circa 1990 and then restarted them a relatively short while ago. Gamer ADD is a struggle.

Last night my son and I were looking at the WFB 3rd Ed rule book and Slaves to Darkness. He stopped on the Mighty Fortress picture in 3rd Ed again, reminding me we are supposed to play a siege. I want to take some measurements of the pieces to try and make additional sections to match. It may be beyond my skill set.

In blogging news, you may have noticed that you stopped receiving notifications for comments to your own blog. This apparently started near the end of June. This morning I received an email from noreply+blogger asking me if I wanted to subscribe to comment notification or unsubcribe to my own blog. I looked it up in support and it appears legit. I checked my email settings and my gmail account was listed to get blog comment updates, so I'm not sure why it took this long to ask me if I wanted to continue my subscription. Just an FYI.

Happy Hobbying!

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